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I suffer from PCOS for past 12 yrs. Married for 12 yrs(36 yrs old), trying for a baby. I concieve with Gonadotropins only (dont ovulate on my own)... then results are postive, but after 45-50 days - there is no growth and hence the dr. suggests for a D&C. This has happened 3 times with IVF, 2 times with IUI and once with timed intercourse...

Has anyone suffered like this and still gone ahead and had a normal pregency.. nobody is able to diagonise my real prob. With IVF - injections - I get 20 eggs...and dr. felt that the eggs are excellent quality.. but not able to diagonise my prob... Can someone with this analysis help? Is there any other alternate medicines like ayurvedic or siddha?? Desperately need help
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I'm sorry for you have gone through.I know it is not easy.I have exactly the same problems as you.Have PCOS and don't  ovulate, i have gotten pregnant 3 times with injections and times BD and m/c all 3 times.Now i'm on my way on ivf but i have had 2 failed cycles.have you had any test done? Maybe you need heparin or baby aspirin.I know i willl be on both of them. Do some tests if you haven't done any.I cannot help you with any other thing.Good luck
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Hello hun! I'm so sorry you’re feeling this way. I recognized myself in your words. I know how you feel and I am truly sorry for both of us. Infertility is really hard to go through. My husband is very supportive. But you are right. They will never understand how exactly we feel. I'm sick of doctors, treatments, medications and empty hopes. I fall into depression a long time ago. Sometimes I feel like I will never get out of it. I'm crying so often, my eyes are swollen all the time. I forgot the last time I was laughing and was feeling really happy. People around me don't understand. We've been trying to conceive for 8 years and all this time I've been hearing ignorant advices from people. They say I should distract myself or wait until it will happen somehow. I understand this is not their fault. But I'm so angry sometimes because they say nonsenses. They just don't understand and they never will. We are going through a battle and we are all by ourselves in it. I know exactly what you're talking about. Long ttc, my disease and infertility changed me completely. Now I'm a different person then I was before. To be honest I don't like a person I became. I used to be very positive, funny. I loved life and I was always trying to find good side in everything. Now I am sad, upset, depressed, stressed and disappointed. I can't even say I live my life. I exist and wait for miracle to come into my life. I think "when I will have a child everything will change" or "I will be happy when I become mother”. Some people tell "find a distraction" or "enjoy every minute, everything is going like it's supposed to be". I don't think it works this way. At least for me it has never worked. I should say now I feel a little bit better. The reason of it is that we found option which may help us to become parents. The idea of using donor eggs came to our minds not so long ago. I feel much better knowing that there is a chance for us to have a baby. Honey I hope you will find the way out from this vicious cycle and become a happy mother!
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I'm sorry, hun! This is overwhelming.. Along with treatments do have diet with foods rich in zinc content to ensure better maturation of egg and sperms. Take adequate rest. Drink plenty of water. Be in regular monitoring and follow-up with your treating doctor/gynecologist and report any new/abnormal symptoms immediately. Incorporate exercises in daily routine to promote weight loss (to be in ideal weight for height range). Maintain low fat and low carb diet. Hope for your  chance boost. All the best with your treatment x
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