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me and my partner have been trying to conceive for 2.5 years now with no joy, i am 24 and he is 32, my periods are regular and i have no cysts on my ovaries as i had tests. we are desperate for a baby and would love to know any tips which may have helped you. i realise that i will eventually have to go to the doctors for tests etc but i was wondering whether you found anything useful? please please help
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Have you tried all the methods like taking your temp, ovulation kits...etc??? I'm assuming you have but if not, that is definitely a place to start.  You need to figure out when you are ovulating so you have the best changes of getting pregnant.  

It is usually recommended that if you have not gotten pregnant after 1 year of trying it's time to see a specialist to see what the problem is.  It could be you, your partner, or both.... they would help you to determine what the problem is and help you get pregnant hopefully.

I have just started my journey on TTC after getting AF back after taking Lupron to supress my periods after finding out I have endometriosis.

I hope this helps!! Good luck
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hi thank you for your reply yeah i have tried ovulation kits an so on and my periods are regular so i know when I'm ovulating but still no joy. the reason i haven't been to the doctors sooner is because my partner thinks the problem might be with him therefor he is adamant i will leave him if that's true, i think he is just scared which is understandable as so am i. i told him i wouldn't leave as i love him, but that's what's stopping us going to the docs. recently though he agreed to go so i will make an appointment soon. good luck with you too i hope everything turns out fine for you and I'm sure it will!! it's not an easy ride from what i hear.
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Hi, you should probably get a sperm analysis, it can tell you a lot. if it is a problem with him you might have to go straight to iui, but you won't be letting months go by, feeling worse  every month.  Because he's over thirty he could have a low sperm count, which is not to hard to fix if your normal.  just reassure him that if his sperm has problems it can be dealt with, worse case scenario you use donor sperm.  
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I'm sorry you can't conceive. You should definitely visit a fertility specialist to be sure there are no problems with your health. Also I would advise you to switch to a healthy lifestyle. Both of you should get rid of all your bad habits. I think fertility specialist may advice you some medication or smth like that to increase your fertility. Don't panic ahead of time and don't practice of self-medication. I wish you best of luck with your ttc!
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Hi, I've just shared some tips on thread https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Fertility---Infertility---IVF/TTC-suggestions/show/2370515#post_14327754. Other things to try are also having diet with foods rich in zinc content to ensure better maturation of egg and sperms. Taking adequate rest. 
Drinking plenty of water. Incorporating exercises in daily routine. Trying acupuncture.
Also be in regular monitoring and follow-up with your treating dr. You see, anyway he/she is your best advicer. Good luck, hun x
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