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inplanation bleeding or something else

hey guys me and my husband have been ttc for awhile now and this month i did not get my period. i was suppose to get it on the 6th but nothing and then on the 9th i started spotting light brownish like old blood but i did even have to use a tampon tmi. or a pad i only saw it when i wiped . TMI I KNOW BUT
this was for 2 days only the 11 i stopped spotting . is this what they call inplantation bleeding or something i also forgot to say that my period has always been like clock work every month.thank you for any help
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also did a pg today but neg is it to soon to tell
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Sounds like implantation bleeding but you'll never know for sure until you test positive.  It all depends on the sensitivity of your test if it's too early.  Some women don't test positive until after AF is due.   So, good luck and keep testing!!
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i was due for period on th 6th nothing and then on the 9th spotting but no period
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I have been spotting for about 4-5 days before my peroid for the last 5 months and it's driving me  NUTS!!!  I always think it's implantation bleeding and then I am always disappointed.  I was wondering if ANYONE out there has ever had this consistant problem every month but still been able to concieve and if you did get pregnant did you spot that month???????  PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND

I hope for you it IS actually implantation bleeding but I always hate that I think that :)
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Hi, I too am a spotter. I have been spotting for about 10 months straight!  I did manage to get pg, but it ended in mc.  When I found out I was pg, I did not believe bc I had so much spotting I thought I was on my period.  I talked to my doctor about this and he said it was normal, it was just hormones.  Not very helpful I know, but at least it is not uncommon! Best Of Luck!
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I would get spotting before my period too...not all the time, though.  I was on Clomid this cycle and this morning, I saw blood on the tissue...it's dark blood, but there was a lot of it, and there was no way that it is implantation bleeding.  I feel that this is really AF showing its ugly head--again! So, I guess you will have to wait a little bit longer.  If you still do not get your period, go ahead and test again...if possible a blood pregnancy test to be more accurate.  (I said that because when I first got pregnant with my 5-year-old daughter, all of my urine pregnancy tests were negative until I was 20 weeks pregnant.  Unbelievable, but true...my doctor's explanation was, I was not producing as much HCG as I was supposed to.  The test could not detect it from my urine.)
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I glad to know that a spotter did get prego :)  Do they think the mc had anything to do with the spotting?  I also did clomid and a hcg trigger shot this month and was hoping for the best but I started spotting at 10dpo and it's now 12 dpo and there is still some going on so I don't think af is to far off. I did enough pregnancy tests this month that I think the employees at the dollar tree store think I'm crazy...fye to any of you using dollar tree store tests they have faint evap lines that can drive you nutty :)
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they never said that the mc was due to the spotting, but they did say that the spotting was due to low levels of progesterone and i was put on meds for that. despite the meds the spotting still never went away. deep down inside i believe that it was due to the spotting.
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They also keep telling me the spotting won't prevent me from getting pregnant but I can't help but feel that it is the largest contributing factor???  I am so sorry you mc I hope you are able to concieve again soon.  I think I may skip all the fertility drugs next month and just try using progesterone and see if I still spot?  I am now 13 dpo and the spotting has finally calmed down a bit (the calm before the storm)  I seriously hate that I always read into it as implantation bleeding and it keeps me hopeful even though I get BFN everytime I test I need to just let it go and wait to see if I am late but I'm way to impatient and clearly must enjoy torturing myself with negatives as I tend to do it EVERY FREAKING MONTH :)  If you ever find out any good info on why they think you spot each month you will have to post it to help all us spotters out there :)  BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!
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I can totally relate to your frustration!! I too hope that every month it is implantation bleeding, but it never is.That is why I just stopped taking HPT's. It is so much easier for me to deal with starting my period then seeing a BFN!   I went to the doctor this past week  because I called and told them how frustrated I was with all this spotting. So, he did a u/s (for the second time in the last 4 months) and said everything looked great.  He believes that the spotting is due too much esterogen in the first half of my cycle and not enough progesterone in the second half. So he just upped my dosage of Clomid to 100mg and he said that this should help with the spotting. For the last three cycles on Clomid it did not help my spotting, it actually made it worse.  So, I am not really relying on this to help the spotting. He did not offer to put me on progesterone, but I know when I took it with pregnancy that ended in mc it did NOT stop the spotting at all!   My doctor is giving me three more months and then he will send me to a fertility specialist if I am not pg by then.   Please keep me posted and try to keep your chin up!!
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Well my offical AF showed up today :)  I had done 100 mg of clomid with the hcg shot this month.  I too had more spotting on it than other months of spotting.  I have an apt tomorrow and I need to decide if I want to do more fertility stuff this month or not.  I will keep you posted on what they say.  I did see a faint positive on two tests that I did on 10 dpo ( i had tested before so i knew the hcg was out of my system) but the next morning the spotting started as did the faint positives so I do think it is effecting implantation.  Also in the 100 mg I had next to no cm which makes me wonder if i should take it since I spot with our without it?  I will let you know what they say tomorrow and if I get any good advice??? I do have one son who is 15 months but it took me 3 years of ttc with him and i don't know if I can actively persue it for 3 years this time as I am driving myself crazy.  and last night my sweet sister ( who gets pregnant at the drop of a hat and has 7 kids and plans on 10 ) tells me it's God's will how many children come to our home and I couldnt take it.  I gave her the bird and left (totally immature of me but on the eve of my period it was the best I could do).  I did apologize today but we will never see eye to eye on the issue and I'm ok with that :)
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You just put a huge smile on my face. Not that your AF showed but the part about your sister. You remind me so much of me and my sister. My little sister is already on number two and has NEVER tried to get pg and this just tears me up!  So, it was nice to hear a story like that.  

Are you sure that your AF is here.  If you have gotten two test that are faint positives, maybe you are just still spotting  I thought I started my AF this morning, but now it is just back to spotting. I am not supposed to start until Wednesday.  I refuse to take a test until I am late.  

I cant wait to hear what your doctor tells you tomorrow.  I hope he tells you that you are very pg!!!
Best of Luck!!!
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