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ivf buddy thread: ms320, fifi, miky, magda, fyrefly

I thought I will start a thread for ivf gals to stay in touch and share the news.  Cheerleaders welcome!

I have my baseline u/s tomorrow and hope to start FSH tomorrow as well although 7+ weeks of b/c are screwing with my body and after spotting for about 4 weeks while on b/c now AF is not really starting so I don't know what my doc will say...

I know that most of you guys are at different stages of the ivf process.  I hope to summarize what I remember.

Miky72 -  b/c. IVF for May.
Magda_s -  2ww with 3 super embryos wanting to implant.  When is your beta?
Mary (ms320) - FSH injections.  Any good news on your end?    
fifi - RE appt 22nd April.
fyrefly: in limbo between retrieval and transfer; right now transfer is set for Friday.  
Heather - Perinatologist appt April 30th
Dee - TWW, beta Monday
Lisa - hiatus

Since I have not heard from many of you I am hoping for an update.  Just trying to get in touch and stay in touch with all of you in the same boat.
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Hi Helen,

Well, I'm not in the IVF crowd, but certainly am willing to be a cheerleader!  I love the little shaking sounds the pom poms make.  Ra, ra, ra, go girl!   Give me B.  Give me a P.  Give me a BFP!  

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Oh Lisa, you crack me up!  I have this image of you sitting casually around and absently shaking a pom pom just to hear the shaking sound... too much! Maybe you should give one to Sparky to play with!!

And Helen... I think I said it all in my pm!  Thanks again!
Oh, and my beta is on the 23rd.
And no-o-o-o-o... I'm not scared at all.  Not one little eensy weensy bit.  oofffffff....
I was just saying to Dee that I've been trying for the past couple of days to figure out how I feel and I FINALLY put my finger on it.  I feel like I'm two different people.  One is 100% sure it's going to be a BFP and the other is trying to fgure out how to break to the first the bad news that actually the results are already in and it's a BFN.
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Hello girls - please can I be the petrie dish polisher. I promise to not use the spit and polish method.

Magda - you stay strong girlfriend ...lurve Tyra
Helen - good luck tomorrow!!!!!
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Dee... I hopefully won't need any more petrie dishes polished (fingers crossed, toes crossed, prayers being mumbled...) but you did make me laugh!! Thanks!!

Helen, hope all goes well tomorrow.  I'm sure you already know that it's perfectly normal to be spotting when on b/c for a long period and for it to mess you around a touch.  I'm sure AF will be showing up any day.  Why do you say you're not sure what your doc will say?  Re starting the FSH shots, you mean?  Sorry, correct me if I'm wrong but FSH is like lupron and that right?  That's the equivalent of my Menogan and I always started Menogan on day 3 or so of AF regardless of when she showed so it shouldn't be a problem.  You may not get to start tomorrow but soon.  Then again perhaps I have it all wrong and you're on a different protocol??
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you are in 1ww now.  I hope your double personality will soon become one.  

I was supposed to get AF on Tuesday after taking my last b/c Monday.  So far I only got spotting that isn' t even as heavy as what I had when I was actually taking the pill.  Well, I am off to my u/s.  Will post an update after that.
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Good luck ladies! Keep us all upated!:)
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