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ivf meds, best place to buy them out of pocket

I have insurance however they are refusing to pay for this round of medications.  Is there a better place to buy them out of pocket that you have found.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  That's a hard situation to be in.  Are there conditions to which your insurance will cover fertility treatment fully such as how many tries you can have spaced out by a specific period of time?  You'll need to talk to your partner about finances and intentions and choose what path to take regarding paying for the medication.  There is a very helpful app that will find the best price or the meds you need in your area.  https://www.wellrx.com/discount-pharmacy-prices  That will help ensure you are at least getting the best price if you go out of pocket.  And guidance from your doctor is also very helpful.  We wish you the best and let us know how things turn out.
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Thank you, I have ivf coverage and when I call my.insurance compaby they say that the meds treat infertility and are considering them as not part of the ifv itself. I have alternate routes to pay just really wish my insurance would pay since i have the coverage. Thank you
It does seem like the medications should be part of the entire IVF process they cover.  Perhaps you can try appealing this.  Hope that it works out for you.
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