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just had surgery for a ruptured ecopic

Is there anyone out there that has gone through a ruptured ecTopic Pregnancy?  I had my right tube removed on Friday night.  My Dr. never returned our page, so my Husband and I were forced to go to the nearest hospital and I had an OBGYN that I've never met operate on me at 5:45 am.  What were your side affects?  I am extremely bloated, in pain, hurts to do anything and I can't go to the bathroom.  Is this all normal?  How long was it until you felt normal again?
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I am guessing you had laproscopic surgery and have 2 or 3 puntures on your belly. During this surgery your belly is filled up with gas so that the doctor can see and move his instruments, this is why you feel bloated. You must get up and move around, the more your walk the sooner this feeling will go away, it is also normal to have pain into your chest back and neck. Take the medication prescribed for pain, if nothing was ordered use tylenol or motrin. Take a stool softener like colace for your bowels and drink plenty of liquids especially if you're taking presciption pain meds. Everyone heals different so it's up to your body how long it takes to feel normal again. I think I was miserable for 2-3 weeks after mine but looking back most of that was emotional. I have since had a healthy baby with intervention. You can shower but avoid soaking in the tub. You should schedule a follow up appt with your doctor. My last surgery only took like 3 days to really feel better.
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I am so sorry you had to go through this.  I too, had an ectopic that ruptured in January.  It was awful!  I felt horrible for a week after the surgery and it was a couple of weeks before I felt physically normal again.  I hope you start to feel better soon!  
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