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looking for TTC friends!!! Im O'ng end of Dec/beg. of Jan

OK, So based on my calculations....I should ovulate the end of december/beginning of Jan (my period went screwy this month, so not sure)...was looking for people to share stories and updates with!!! I'm 26  I have 2 boys, 6 and almost 3...and praying for a little girl...but would love either as long as healthy...but all are welcome to join in with stories or words of wisdom..hope to hear from some people!!!!
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Hi i might be joining you very soon x
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Ok, I will be ovulating on Dec. 27th. So, I would love to join you. I do not have any children, I am ttc #1. I went off the depo over a year ago and have been ttc for about 3 cycles. I am also praying for a little girl being that all of my nephews are boys. So, I want to have a girl too! Good luck!
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Silver- Hi!!!  are you TTC??

Lamb-  dec 27th huh? are you charting? I have never done the whole charting or planning thing...both of my children were kinds "whoops"..lol, but it I har it happens that way a lot.  I am kinda nervous about starting....are you using OPK's or anything?
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I should o in about 7 days.  Here hoping for a great new years surprise.  I am charting and go in for an ultrasound to on Fridays to check for the reoccurance of uterine polyps and to check my overies.   I had a D&C last year for uterine polyps and either a very early miscarriage or burst polyp with a lot of blood in August.  I am 27 and my husband and I have been ttc for 5 months.  We don't have any babes yet.  
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Hey there I will be joining you ladies soon.  AF should be here on Wednesday.  My temp is dipping so I think I am out, but luckily the first week in January I will be ovulating.  So here is to a September baby!!!!
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I would love to join you.  I should o around the 21st at the latest the 25th.  I was on clomid for 2 months  I took this month off so who knows.  I'm thinking later rather then sooner.  I'm just hoping it's not Christmas day.  We are going to my parents.  I'm feeling much more relaxed with out the clomid.  Believe it or not we haven't bded since af came to visit.  Today is CD 10 so I'm thinking we should start again.
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