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lower backache and hipjoint stiffness from progesterone injections


Curious if anyone has ever experienced lower back pain and stiffness as well as hip joint aches and stiffness from the progesterone injections? I just had my FET 2 days ago and have been on the injections for the last 7 days. I’m just now starting to experience some side effects from the progesterone. At least I think it’s from the progesterone? I had the usual pain at the injection sight, but now that same pain is in my back and my hip joints. I’m also currently taking estrace. Anyway, I haven’t found this included in any of the progesterone symptoms listed. Anyone with common symptoms?

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i'm sorry to hear your uncomfortable! man i remember those progesterone shots! i got sore in my low back just because i was sleeping differently since my bum hurt to lay on from the knots and all. when sleeping in my normal position.. so it kind of made me stiff in my back a little.. when do you test?? GOOD LUCK!!! : )
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thanks for the response. i've actually been through the infertility journey for the last 5 yrs. we took a couple breaks in between. but, this is my first time joining a forum! i read them all the time, but just now thought it would be a good idea to get involved.

i've never been one to have side effects from any medications really and wow, the lupron and estrace and projesterone have knocked me for a loop! i can totally handle the injection itself, i think its all the rest of the side effects that come with it that are soo hard.

so, our first test is on wed, the 11th. This is our second IVF. Our first one we had both tests come back positive and completely normal and then went into the ultrasound and found out there was a blighted ovum. soo, i'm excited about the test on wed, but i'm holding out for the ultrasound.

Thanks soo much for the good luck wishes!!
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wow.. you have been on quite a journey!! yea i've never been one for forums, but i think that it has kept me at least a little more sane while giong through all of this!  I too have had a blighted ovum and will NEVER forget going into the ultrasound hoping to see a heartbeat, and instead being absolutely crushed.. hwoever my betas started off a little odd, and then were normal.... we are on our 5th preg right now, they found out i had a clotting disorder, so its my first time we are pregnant while on asprin, and heparin injections.things are finally looking good. also awaiting our first ultrasound so i can breathe a little easier.. .. this whole infertility thing is all about hurrying up and waiting isn't it!?    well ill be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!! keep me udpated and i'm praying that you'll get a super sticky healthy little bean from this IVF! : )
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Yes it relaxes the ligaments and discs in ur spine and this results in backache. I hate it when the sites go on about no effects and how wonderful you will feel on it for menopause because for some of us it just takes us back to that time of the month when we had horrendous pain.
I know we are having it for different reasons, it is HRTfor me & they won't prescribe unopposed estrogen.
I am past my childbearing days.

Good luck to you :).
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