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me & s/o ttg bought ovulation tests this morning!

the first ovulation test i took was at 3pm today & it says 1.03 LH& the second one at 8pm says .99 LH does that mean i ovulated last night?? i’m new to this, thank you!!
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Welcome to the trying to conceive community!  It's a journey for sure and I hope yours is easy.  I had a little trouble using ovulation tests myself but in general, what I **think** is that a surge means you are ABOUT to ovulate. About 12 to 36 hours before ovulation, you have this surge.  :>)  So, it's 'time'.  

Something I found to be really helpful with TTC was temperature taking.  I took it every single morning before I got out of bed and put it on a chart.  What ends up happening is you see exactly what your cycle does.  You have a temperature that is fairly consistent and then it raises around ovulation about one degree and stays high until right as your next period starts . . . . unless you are pregnant.  :>) The only two times my temperature didn't lower again was when I was pregnant with my two kids.  

It helps you see exactly how long your cycle is and gives you a good way to track things.  

But your OV tests sounds to me like it is saying TRY now!
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I agree with the poster above.
Anyway, there are always ways out. For example, ovulation induction may be used by women who are not  ovulating or are not ovulating regularly, or who are producing only low levels of hormones that are required to enable her to conceive. Ovulation induction involves taking a hormone medication (oral tablet or injection), which stimulates the production of follicle-stimulating hormone. This encourages the development of one or more follicles. When the follicles are large enough, another hormone is administered which releases the egg from the follicle. If the couple has intercourse around this time, the chances of conception are greatly increased.
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