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mild cramping...light spotting HELP!

I posted yesterday with first HCG 485/Progesterone 21. Numbers sounded soo hopeful. I had some mild cramping last night and then this morning I went potty and wiped just to find pinkish/brown mucous like stuff on the tissue (*sorry TMI).   GRRRRR...why can't I just have a normal pregnancy with a baby in nine months? I have had 6 miscarriages in the past couple years. Anyone have these symptoms and still went on to have a healthy pregnancy??????
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Call your dr immediately.  I think he can help.  I had same problems in my early pregnancy.  My doc give me progestone injection and put me to bed rest for almost 1.5 month.  And now I am in my 20 weeks and everything seems progressing well.  Good luck!
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I do think thats normal but call your doc to be extra careful because of your history.  

I will say that with my second pregnancy I had bleeding off and same color but it was never heavy and if I remember (10 yrs ago) I would sometimes wear panty lines or a little tp but it was "mucusy" but my doc. then said that the "mucus plug" forms throughout your pregnancy and sometimes it releases a little bit here and there - for me it was throughout.. . . NOTHING LIKE A PERIOD...just "mucusy/brown/light pink" sorry for the TMI!  GOOD LUCK ....
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I just read an article regarding on your message: like to post to see it's help you.

Signs of Miscarriage:

Every mom worries about the possibility of miscarrying. If you have any of these signs, contact your caregiver immediately:

Cramping and/or abdominal pains
Passing of grayish or pinkish tissue or blood clots

Not every cramp or every drop of blood is a sign of a miscarriage. Many women bleed during pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies. It is an important warning sign, however, and you should notify your caregiver.

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look at I think I´m loosing it post from yesterday same thing happened to her and re said it was pretty normal but having her in for tests...
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