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miscarriage or just a late period

Hi I would appreciate some feedback , my situation is this: My period was late by 8 days, during that time i had a few pregnancy symptoms like very tired, dizzy, and feeling sick in the mornings, but not actually getting sick. I took a pregnancy test twice one when i was 4 days late and the other when i was 6 days late, both negative. yesterday on day 8 eight of missed period i had a very light pink brown discharge - then during the early hours of the morning awoke with very sharp pains in my lower back and stomach - i bled quite a lot and discharged 2 blood clots, they were quite big, and have never had clots like these before. also my period is never late, always 28 - 30 days cycle- ive been doing a lot of reading up online and thinking maybe i had a early miscarriage or worse im scared it could be an ectopic pregnancy- or maybe it was just a late period - i dont know whether im over reacting because i feel very emotional- appreciate if somebody who has been in my situation or could advise me in anyway - thanks
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Hi same happened wd me on 7 august it was an early miscarriage. After having blood test my doc confirmed that I had a miscarriage so go and consult your doc
Good luck
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Thanks so much for your reply. Have app for Monday and will go from there. Best wishes to you for the future xx
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It sounds like an early miscarriage. I've had a lot of those in my life. My uterus is a lethal weapon. The best advice I can give is already what she said above me. Try to take it easy and keep your feet up. I've found that to help with the heavy flow and pain. Especially if it's in your lower back. Hugs :)
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Thanx  and best of luck
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