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missed ovulations

I have been tring to have a baby with my husband for 4 years now, I have two children from a previous marriage so we have blammed our infertility on his low count(27 million) Well after 6 rounds of iui's I bought a fertility monitor for pin point accuracy. The first month was as i had expected calander ready. I have always had a normal 28 day cycle, and to the monitor ovulation was also text book, WELL the following two months showed no ovulation, I was devastated. My periods are still perfectly normal and my mucosa, still calander perfect, my estragen levels are still normal. I just had no LH surge therefore no ovulation, Anyone else ever had problems like this??
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Is it possible you could have missed your surge?  Sometimes if you test at the wrong time of day or if you only test once a day it's possible to miss it.  Especially if your cycles are around the same amount of days each time.  Maybe you should try charting your BBT to help cross reference everything.  

Good luck!
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I don't think so, I have never tried the bbt. My doctor seemed pretty sure that this fertility monitor was highly accurate, it also monitors estrogen rises and falls. How long have you been tring to concieve?
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You should really try the BBT because I'm telling you, it's something else to obsess over LOL.  Seriously though, it's important to temp because it tells you a lot because sometimes you can actually get an LH surge and not actually ovulate.  If you weren't temping you wouldn't know you didn't ovulate and would be thinking you were preggo if you were late getting AF.  

I've been ttc about 18 months or so now.  I have two older children also and was on bc pills for over 15 years so it took a little while for my body to get back on track and I still think it's out of sync but a lot better.  DH travels a lot so a lot of those 18 months were missed BDing around ovulation so hopefully we'll all get there soon.  DH doesn't have any children and is too stubborn to get checked out.  He feels like if it happens, it happens.  I think it's an ego thing that I could just ring his neck!! LOL

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Well it took my husband 3years of tring with that same attitude beforehe decided to get checked, noe he is 100% on board. I have just been seeing my reg. OBGYN for my IUI's, and now he has referred me to a fertility specialist. We finally see him on the 31st. I'm scared to death and i don't know why! I'm a nurse so I am kinda fimiliar with alot of this stuff, but i'm a psych nurse not ob! But at least I know alot about my mental illness!! LOL just kidding, I just feel so in the dark right now.
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I was experiencing the same thing, my periods were regular so I thought I was ovulating.  When I would test for a surge I never recieved one.  I finally saw an RE and was diagnosed with Ovarian Failure/Diminished Ovarian Reserve, which he informed me is the reason I was not detecting a surge and not ovulating.  So now he has me on Femara, stimulants and a trigger shot to get me to ovulate.

I'm glad you're seeing an RE, it can be frustrating trying to figure out where you are falling short.  This doc should be able to pinpoint where the problem is and get you right on track.   I love my RE and his staff, so I hope that you have the same great experience.  Let us know what happens.  
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