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more tired on implantation

does any of you felt implantation,i have been pregnant twice and felt too sleepy on implantation day,i am ttc again so just trying to figure out if i can know i am preg or not on the basis of this symptom.
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hey hun i am too ttc ive been trying for 14months in may took a break we decided we will start trying last month this month im keeping a eye on everything using opk to help find when i ov i have a rough idear of when i ovlate its bettwen cd 11 to cd18 max i have fell pregnant twice but lost both how far along are you on your cycle i felt very crampy but not like af it was just a weird feeling if you know what i mean im hoping that i ov this week cause we been dtd snice i came of so hopfully fingers crosed feel free to inbox hun as there nothing wrose then feeling like your the only one ttc xx
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i am on day 23 today and this is my first month of ttc.

I miscarried my first child at 20 weeks but got pregnant again and fortunately have a healthy baby girl ,she is 9 months now.

I am not using opk but i think i either ovulated on day 13 or 18,i dont think i am preggers this cycle coz when i conceived earlier i got too sleepy on implantation which happened on day 21 (both times) but this time m on day 23 and i am feeling normal.

hope we get our bfp soon.good luck.keep posting me.
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Hi, I liked what you wrote. Well I had af on aug 1st, and did iui#2 on aug 16th after being on injections and HCG trigger, I felt very sleepy on days 19 and 20 plus sore breasts since the second day after iui which I can't count on as an early symptom ( I guess it is because of the trigger) but as you mentioned that you got sleepy on implantation I feel like I have a chance to get my BFP.
good luck to you too.

Me(33) diagnosed with PCOS  DH(39) DS(4)

ttc over a year       7/2013 iui#1 BFN
                             16/8   iui# 2

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I think our body starts  giving some hints many days before we miss our period.

fingers crossed,hope u get your BFP.
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