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my 23 mth old daughter has 2 uterus's and 2 cervix's

how is this possible??? how can she have 2 uterus's and 2 cervix's???? we thought it was just a simple septum in her vagina but it turned out to be 2 vaginal openings leading to 2 uterus's and 2 cervix's....will she have problems growing up??? will she have menstural problems??
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wow, how did you find this out?  i would think she might have two cycles which would stink and it may complicate any pregnancies.   what does your doctor say?
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WOW!  That is very strange.  First of all I would get a 2nd & even a 3rd opinion (confirmation) & w/ at least one DR who is NOT in the same group.
Then, I would think that it could be fixed fairly easy........basically a hysterectomy on one of them, right?  I'm sure she will have no big problems, MOST things are fixable, & to me this seems like it would be, if its 2 completely detached uterus's & cervix.  What about her ovaries & tubes?  Does she have more than 2 each?
Hang in there!
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hi! I have i have 2 uteruses and 2 cervixes is called uterus didelphys i never had any problems growing up and she is not going to have 2 periods every month .i had 3 children that were born premature thank GOD they are fine You have to talk to your doctor about a scan because a lot of women with this condition have problems with their kidneys some times they are born with one kidney.  
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WOW. My co-worker has the same thing and she had a baby about 4 years ago. Everything was ok but her pregnancy was high risk and I hear this is very rare. I dont think she would have any problems.
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Hi! I have 2 uteruses, 2 cervixes, and 2 vaginal openings as well. Unfortunately, this DOES cause difficult periods for me. But every case is different. I have 2 periods a month. Every other week. And both sides go at once. Although other times they alternate. About once every year I will have a period for an entire month. Though it is not as intense as a normal period. They always last 7-8 days and can be quite painful.

Losing 2x the amount of blood put me at border-line anemic. Your daughter should be checked for that as well when she's older. If intense periods is what would happen with your daughter I do not recommend the pill as soon as her period arrives. I started on it at 15 and was too small and young to handle even the lowest dose. At 19 I take Medroxyprogesterone. It is made up of only half of what is in birth control, on a very low dose. My first period lasted 2 weeks, as both uteruses went at once. That is when it is painful.

In terms of pregnancy, I am very fearful myself. Plenty of women have success stories but plenty don't.

As purpletuzita said, you should have her kidney's checked. While most women with ulterus didelphys are born without one kidney, I was born with one that didn't work and was harming the rest of my body. They couldn't remove it until I was 6 months old.

I hope this helps!
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I have two uteruses and was born with only one kidney as well.  This did not affect me at all until i began to menstrate at the age of 14.  One of the cervixs was blocked and the menstral fuiid was building up for several months and it resulted in a minor surgury where a small "window" was opened and i was able to menstrate from that side again.  I am now 28 so the window was been open for several years :)  i have very painful periods still but i did find birth control very helful in my teens and I use a perscription pain killer on occasion to get me through.  You can tell your daughter shes not alone, there are more women out there then people think with this.  Yes, it is a rare thing to occur but you can still function normally, There are lots of women that still have babies with this as well so I try to stry positive about having a baby as well.  I would honestly say that removal would be the last result and if anyone suggests that as your first and only option this is not the case, you can find a doctor out there with knowledge on this and can help you be comfortable and healthy with what you have.  
I hope everything works out with you, take care :)
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To ease your mind on a little bit I wanted to share my story. I also have a septum that leads to 2 vagina openings, 2 uterus, and two cervix. The condition is called Uterine Didelphys. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uterine_didelphys  
Anyhow, I was diagnosed with this condition when I was 13 years old during a pelvic exam due to having some pretty painful menstrual cycles. At that time I was put on birth control to regulate my cycles and to ease to the cramps during my menstrual cycles. I remained on the pill successfully only having one period a month, lasting 5 days long, normal bleeding, and minimal pain until 27 years old when my husband and I decided that we wanted to have children. During the time I was off the pill I started to experience the painful menstrual cycles again but for me the pain only really lasts a few hours and on the first day of my cycle. Otherwise I would say for the remaining duration of my cycle I experience normal discomfort as most women and do nothing out of the ordinary. Even without the pill I still only had 1 period a month lasting 5 days long and very consistent timing each month. About 1 year and a half or so later my husband and concieved and I am now currently 34 weeks pregant with our 1st baby boy. His health and growth are completely normal as is my pregnancy thus far. I have to see a specialist on a by-weekly basis but that is only to pay extra special attention to this pregnancy due to the fact that women with uterine didelphys are considered "high risk" for preterm labor due to the smaller size of the uterus' allowing less room for the baby to grow. Alot of women with this condition tend to have C-sections because the baby will be breech due to the lack of room for the baby to turn head down. But that is not the case for all women. My baby is already head down and is showing no signs of having to come out early. Even though there are "risks" with this condition there are so many success stories as well. This condition is far more common than you would suspect and more than likely your daughter will not experience anything to radical when it comes to this anomaly. Every woman is different but I just hope that my story eases your mind a bit on the topic.
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I too have  didelphys.  I have never had any problems, sever menstral pain or excessive bleeding. I dont know if I only have one kidney, I have experinced kidney pain but that was becuase i wasnt drinking enough water.To be honest I wasnt even aware of this until I turned 22 and found out by accident. I guess as every normal person worried about appearnces I went to see how mine looked to see if I was "normal" well i wasnt.. I was confused and since i hadnt seen anyone elses but mine silently worried. I went to a couple doctors and I didnt find anything until i had to go in for an abortion (stupid mistake i regret but I was far to young, on my own and financialy unstable) while i was taking birth control i got pregant. The docotor performing the procedure was the one who found it and I was explained what I had. So getting pregant also isnt a problem. I think the hardest part was telling my boyfriend (makes you feel like a freak of nature at first). The good thing about it is that i havent and hope not to experience any health complications and unles you dig around you cant see it.
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