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my breasts are killing me

so my nipples are cracked, my breasts are itching like crazy and i think they are swollen and they hurt ALL over, but i had spotting about 4 days bevore it started, any ideas what it could be? i see my doc next friday and would LOVE to read some things other woman think...

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My breasts were VERY sore the two times I got pregnant...it even hurt to take my bra off at night! So hopefully it's a good sign for you! Oh, and the spotting could be implantation!

Best of luck!!!
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thats what im hoping :) i was supposed to get af on the 4th, instead i got spotting from the 3rd to the 6th, one day it didnt even fillup a tampon and then it only was recognizable while wiping, and to my breasts, it urts, when i take off the bra, when i put on the bra when i get cold and everything gets hard (espacially when that happens!!!!!), when i lay down to bad, mostly my nipples but the rest of it itches like hell and are red, well thanks and BABYDUST (the pink one ;) TO ME :)
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