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nauseous day after iui

Can anyone tell me why i might be so nauseous after iui? Yesterday was my 6th iui. I was on Bravelle, and then had Ovidrel for the trigger shot on Sunday. My iui was yesterday morning at 10am. The nurse had trouble getting the catheter into my cervix and tried maybe 4 or 5 times. I assume that is why i was in SO much pain. The pain was so bad that i came home and got sick. I stayed in bed most of yesterday feeling really nauseous and in alot of pain/cramping,
Today I woke up so nauseous that i can barely eat anything and when i do i feel like im going to be sick. I've used ovidrel 5 times before, and menopur 2 times before and never had this happen. This time however I produced 6 follis, and DH count was 84 million....usually i get 1-2 follis, DH count around 20 mill......Does anyone know why I might be feeling so sick!?
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thanks for the replies!!! it's nice to know that im not being crazy lol....i dont know anyone who's going through the same thing...i'm glad i found this board to talk to others!!
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I took Bravelle and Ovidrel when I had My IUI (trouble with catheter in cervix too) in March. After I left the office I was cramping really bad and we had to pull the car over because I thought I was going to be sick. The sick feeling passed but I had bad cramps for 2 days. The IUI didn't work and I am saving up to do another one. I have an appointment with the RE Monday (hadn't seen him since IUI) and am going to ask him why I felt that way afterwards. I will let you know what he says.
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Hi! What did your doctor say?
I had my IUI today.  Around an hour after I started feeling cramps that increased more and more. It was to the point to be unbearable. I threw up and I'm still feeling nauseas. I felt my body like warm and cold at the same time. Right now I have chills, and very, very, very weak, and sleepy like if I had benadryl. Also a sensation in my chest.
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I get nauseous when the estrogen level in my body goes up. With 6 follies there should be really more of it and it is possible that you are nauseous before Oing.
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Hmmm! That's weird! I was going to say that it could be the trigger shot, since it contains 10,000 IU of HCG...but since you've used it five times before, I'm not really sure. Could it be from high progesterone? With 6 follicles (!) I'm sure your progesterone is much higher than normal! The number of follicles could also explain some of the pain and cramps you experienced after your IUI (in addition to the catheter incidence), since you were probably ovulating at the time.

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