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negative opk after trigger

i triggered yesterday afternoon at 5.  i have never done it myself, and i probably messed it up.  you are supposed to mix 1.5 cc solution with the powder.  when i drew it all out after mixing, my 1.5 cc turned into 1 cc, which i injected.  i just took an opk and the second line is not near as dark as it should be to show ovulation.  this is my last cycle, and if i won't ovulate because i am too stupid to do the shot correctly i think i'm going to lose it.  shouldn't the opk be positive from the trigger by now?
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Hmmm! Good question. A trigger shot contains HCG, which is structurally similar to LH, so yes, it should show up on an OPK, but maybe it just doesn't show "as strong" as LH. I've never had a trigger, so unfortunately I'm not that familiar with how it works. Maybe someone else can offer some more insight...

Good luck to you this cycle!
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i waited a few minutes and it is much darker, but not as dark as the control line, and i think it should mimic a natural surge, so i'm worried now.
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You know what, I wonder if the "surge" after a trigger would happen right away, and that you would have gotten a positive had you taken one last night. Maybe you're just seeing the trail-end of the surge today. Just a thought...
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i know, i'm obsessing much, huh?  i was just worried i did the trigger wrong, and this was my way of double checking and now i still don't know!
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I have a feeling everything is OK, but maybe you could call your doctor and ask...just to ease your mind :-)

Best of luck over the next couple of days! Are you doing an IUI or timed intercourse?
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timed intercourse.  
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Me too. I just ovulated yesterday (or possibly this morning), so we'll be in the 2WW together! Sending you lots and lots of SSBD!


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so when do you plan to test?  i looked at my calendar and will try to test early at 3-18.  Hopefully this will be your month! And mine!
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Yeah, I hope this is our month too!!! I'm not sure when I'll test yet, but I have a feeling I'll break down and test around 12 or 13 dpo :-)
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Ok, obsessive me, just took another OPK and it is darker than the one I took early this a.m., it is almost dark enough to consider it positive.  So I'll take another this evening, maybe it's all going to be fine (big sigh) and tonight's the night.......  I think 3-18 is 12 days for me, or close, so it will be for you too.  
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After the trigger shot it takes 24-36 hr for the ovulation to occur. So maybe you were early on testing. I have had three trigger shot and all three of them was the doctor who give me the shot. I'm surprised you did it yourself. But you should Bd the same night of the trigger and two days after that. Good luck
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This is my third cycle and I have never given it to myself either. But he wanted it done at 5 and the office closed at 430 so I had no choice  I will try the opk today again at 5 which will be 24 hours, and I think it will be okay.  Thanks.
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ok, the opk just went positive, 22 hours after trigger.  so tonight, and tomorrow.
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Yay! Good luck!
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The nurse practitioner at the office said that you will not get a positive on an OPK after a trigger....and I never did.  Somthing about the HCG in your system....etc...  
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Hmmmmm, about 5 hours after the RE triggered me I took my OPK & as soon as I looked at it it was SUPER SUPER dark!  I figured that was cuz of the shot????  Strange that the post before mine says their nurse said it wouldn't show+?????
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I did a trigger shot to myself for the first time as well. I poked my fingers accidently, it's horrible. But my OPK test has been Neg before and after trigger shot. I have been temping for long 4 years, and I always knew when I ovulated. But this time, no temp rise,no ovulation:( (I have been checking since CD 10 up to CD 20.) HCG Shot was done on CD 14. So what I wantto say, is that trigger shot doesn't guarantee you an ovulation, which is so frustrating.
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