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Welcome aboard!!  Hope to see you over the pg forum very soon!!
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Hi Lisha!
Welcome to our forum!  What's your story?  =)

Glad you're here!
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What does pg stand for.
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Hello everyone! I'm new here. I decided to come on this board to find more information about surrogacy.  I'm 32, married, no children. I was born without a uterus.  Surrogacy is the first option that came to my mind. The reason why I turn to this option kind of late is that my first husband didn't want to have children. I've been always wanted to become a mother. But I thought as I have no uterus this's my destiny to be childless. When I was 24 it turned out that my ex-husband had a mistress who got pregnant and he left me to be with her and his child. I spent 3 years in depression. I didn't want any relationships. When my ex-husband  left me he told me lots of terrible stuff  which made me feel that no one will ever  want me I as wife because I'm infertile. I moved to my parents’ house. I was sitting home 24/7 feeling sorry for myself.  My parents were trying so hard to help me. I was thinking what the point of my life and I couldn't find it. I'm glad that period of my life is over.  Now I'm a completely different person. When I was 27 I met my dear husband who made me to forget about that horrible experience. Both of us want to have children. We're thinking about surrogacy. As my husband is working hard so we could afford surrogacy, I took all responsibility considering surrogacy on myself. Though  my husband  doesn't do much research because of his work, each evening  I share it with him  all the information which I  find during the day.   We discuss it and dive more and more into the process together. Surrogacy is illegal in our country. We are looking for options abroad. I've been here on this forum for a couple of days now and I found it really helpful. I hope I will find all needed information because I want our journey to start as soon as possible! I wish everyone the best of luck!
Hi! I'm also new to this board, but not new to infertility.  I've been ttc for 13 months. Then took a long break. Tried again with no result. Currently we're passing ivf treatment in Ukrainian clinic. So we've studied loads of info concerning ivf, egg donation and surrogacy there. There are lots of facts to consider. BUT here are some of the obvious benefits of using Ukrainian clinics.
First, entering Ukraine does not require visa for EU countries, America and Canada, most of CIS and Scandinavian countries. Ukrainian legislation concerning assisted methods of reproductive medicine is extremely favorable and loyal to the surrogate motherhood and egg donation. Both procedures are legal here and consolidated in the number of legislative acts.
Secondly, according to the Ukrainian legislation, intended parents are legal parents of the baby born by surrogate mother. Names of intended parents are written in the baby’s birth certificate.
Thirdly, surrogate mother has no right to keep the baby after delivery according to the contract concluded between intended parents and surrogate mother.
If you want me to share more, I'll get details.
Good luck!
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