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no periods


I haven't had a period in 1 year this month!  I was on birth control for years to regulate and prevent. I have been off the pill since 2006 and my periods have been about 2 times a year, usually Feb and July.

I am 29 and my husband is 33. We would like to have a family soon.  I have symptoms of PCOS but it hasn't been confirmed.  I have had ultrasounds that show some cysts on my left ovary.  

Should I be concerned about my period?  I am a bit worried about it but I don't have health insurance.  We do have health departments in Michigan but I don't think they would help me to figure that out and get pregnant.  I am over weight and I am currently working on losing weight and getting healthy.  every other time i have lost weight like the doc says to. i still don't get my period.

what can I do???
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Your story sounds very familiar to mine.  I did not have a period unless I was on birth control.  They did some blood tests to determine that I had PCOS.  They looked at my insulin levels, glucose levels, thyroid, and I can't remember what else.  My insulin levels were high as well as the other thing I can't remember.  Glucose was normal, so that indicated that I did not have diabetes.

We happen to have really good healthcare, and a wonderful OB that worked with us and got the right diagnosis.  She also sent us directly to a fertility specialist which specialized in insulin resistance PCOS.  He indicated that there were a couple of different ways for us to be able to conceive (We were ready a year ago - so we stepped up the process).  He did recommend going on a diet (I have also been overweight for many years).  He recommended doing a PCOS diet - you can find books on this!  For the main part, it was going very little carbs, or switching them to whole wheat.  Making sure you eat protein and fibers before carbs.  This made a huge difference for me - I lost 10 lbs in about a month.  Also he recommended about 20-30 minutes of light excercise - walking at a 2-3 mph pace every day.  

Because I was inpatient to wait that long to loose all the weight and get everything in line, we ended up working with the fertility specialist and got pregnant very quickly.  It is possible to conceive with PCOS - but it can take some time, and possible some money.

Good luck and keep up hope!  
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I have had a similar situation.  I haven't had my period on my own for over a year now, and even stopped getting it while still on Mircette (birth control).  My OB moved us onto a fertility specialist ASAP and with a moderate PCOS diagnosis, despite no cysts, I am waiting for my first beta blood test tomorrow to see if our round 1 of IVF was successful.  I wish you much luck and persistence to get answers from your doctors!  Remember...you know your body best!
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Thanks so much ladies!  I will be getting health insurance again soon, so I will make sure to include pregnancy and infertility to it.  I know I need to be tested for pcos and every time I mention it to my obgyn he doesn't do anything about it.  He is a great doc and even helped a friend get preggers with IVF.  Maybe I need to get a new doctor?

I hope that the problem isn't both myself and my husband.  He is the last one in the family and needs to pass on the name~Yikes....

Thanks again for the info
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