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no pms symtoms this month could i be pregnant?

hi i,m so confused,please help!for as long as i remember about 5dpo my breasts become very tender right up till af turns up.well this month nothing!!i'm 12dpo and my boobs don't hurt at all usually i can't bear to touch them.has anyone experienced this and been pregnant?i'm so obsessed i keep going to toilet every 2 mins just to check if shes come!!!it's all i can think about.do you think it's too early to test?please any advice would be great i'm going out of my mind!!
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its not TOO early to test some HPTs detect pregnancy up to 5days before AF is due..but u might not have the HCG level thats detectable by HPTs at this point therefore, we're always advised to wait until we miss a period. on the other hand many women get at least a faint poitive beyond 10dpo..so u might b one of them if ur lucky!

good luck and keep us posted!

SSBD! :)
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Hi, its not too early to do a test. I have been trying for a while to get pregnant so I bought a clear blue fertility monitor that tells exactly when you are ovulating because I have erratic periods. Anyway I done a test 12 days after ovulating and it had the slightest pink line hardly visible so I got a clearblue one yesterday that says pregnant or not and it said I am pregnant 1-2 weeks and that was only day 13 after ovulating. If you do one and its negative though it may still be too early try again in a few days. Good luck
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