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periods after premature menopuase

Hi my name is andrea and blood tests confirmed i had premauture menopause at 21 sinve having ivf treatment and had my baby at the age of 26 i still get a monthly bleed and im now 40 years old. my question is as if ive gone through the menopause is it normal to have a regular monthly period ? kind regards andrea
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No it is not normal! If I were you I would get the test results from the dr who did your test! You should read them yourself!! I can interpret them for you! Ok now what I think is that you had a low fsh which could mean Pre memopasue, but you can see that with PCOS as well. You can be in premenopasue for some time before it hits but I would say you were NOT in it then! Are you wanting to have another baby? Maybe you just did not ovulate and they said that! You could of taken drugs for it and still can! You are not to old if you still have FSH reserve! You should go to a obgyn or you regular dr to have your fsh, lh, eastridol, progesterone checked! And your thyroid as well!!!!! Many things can cause you to not O! Each has to checked on certain days so you CAN"T do them all at once! Do you know anymore? What is your history honey I am sure we can get to the bottom of this! If you have not O for years then all your eggs will still be there!!!! They are there before you were born!
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Do you recall why they thought you were in premature menopause at 21? I am assuming that they were saying that because your FSH was above 10.  There are many reasons that FSH can be elevated and many are not due to menopause. The meds that you took for IVF stimulation will elevate FSH as well.

I would have your dr run a cycle day 3 panel to see what is going on. It is not normal to have a monthly cycle if you have gone thru menopause. I would say you have definitely not reached menopause.

I would also like to note that even if you are not ovulating, you are not storing eggs for future use. They still diminish at the same rate whether o'ing or not.
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