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pregnant with IVF

iam here to give a light of hope to all ladies TTC in here&sending message saying (never lose hope) as long as u have faith in god&insisting to reach your dream of having a baby,sure this day is waiting u,when the test gives PPT,iam now beginning my 7th pregnancy month having twins after a succeded trial of IVF.iwanted u all who know me in here&shared with me my 2years TTC journey&those who don't know me to share with me these beautiful moments&have hope to reach this,iam glad to b here for any 1 who wants any information about IVF&will always keep in touch with u my beloved friends with my latest of my lovely twins who will reach our world by the end of december,good luck to u all&baby dust to every1 waiting.
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Do you have an idea on what it's the lowest number for a beta result. My 1st was 39 have a 2nd in 2 days need allthe support and prayers now I'm very stress.
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iknow that if beta is less than 5 so non pregnant but if more mens pregnant but its value depend on what stage of pregnancy u r in,send me more information&i think i can help u,god withu&ceossing my hands for u.
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I"m so happy for you! thanks so much for being there for all of us! it means so much! : )   can't wait to see pics of those little ones!!!!!  
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me too honey,can't wait to c them,iam counting days till they reach our world& c them,wondering how they gonna look like,ask god with me to deliver  them safely,sure i'll send u all pictures of them as soon as i can,wishing u good luck&baby dust&wondering how r u doing in your TTC journey.
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Congrats on entering 7th month!  Time sure flies fast...
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I had my 1st Beta 11 days after transfer it was 39 I see blood  starting from dark red to bright red not like my full period but still blood very stressful. What number was your 1st result. Anyone with a similar story. I do not even want to go for the 2nd test. No hope
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You might be experiencing a Chemical Pregnancy. Happened to me. I started spotting on day 10 past transfer, at first it was very light & Brown in color and then went to heavy red flow. Good luck! Keep us posted and try to relax. (((hugs))))
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On that same note... Some ladies have periods while pregnant. Don't give up!
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Thanks for all your support but I don't think so because I'm still bleeding not heavy and my 2nd Beta went down. The RE want me to have a 3rd I do not want that .No hope
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never lose hope my dear,for me i did't do quantitative beta at beginning,i did BPT at 1st then my quantitative test was about week after PPT so it was high,god with u&keep us posted with the latest.
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My Beta started dropping, 33, then 11, then 9 then 0 Thats when they realized it was a biochemical.. Im sooo sorry you are going through this.
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