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really disappointed

Not really a question as much as it is just a statement of my frustrations. I had to go to the doctor for a cyst that i'm gettin on my pelvic area and they took a pregnancy test before he could give me my antibiotic and it came back negative. It was only my first round of clomid but still disappointing. I figured it wouldn't work the first time- it's not a miracle pill but you still always hope you'll be that one in a million who gets it on the first time. So starting next month it's back to do over's again. Feelin kinda sad but there's always next month.
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Stay positive! It is great that you are on this road of ttc with fertility help... You are young and it will happen!
I know it is a frustrating journey but it is all worth it!!!

Hugs and baby dust!
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Live through the sad feelings, but keep the faith and hope that you will one day be a mama!!  I longed to have kids a few years back, I saw other women with their babies and felt such pain in my heart.  Tears welled up each night, and I wondered why God had forgotten me.  Then, my luck came, and I had a beautiful boy fours years ago, and now have a gorgeous little girl, 17 months old.  I'm trying for my third baby, and have come to a bit of a stumbling block, but I know in my heart I'll keep going until I get my dream.  You have to do the same.  Cysts are a real bummer!  I had bilateral dermoid cysts on each ovary, they were the size of a babys head.  I had them removed, but then I had another two functional cysts come.  I thought this was my lot!!  I had no endometriosis, just recurring cysts, and I thought my chances of getting pregnant were low because of my pelvic surgery.  This fertility game is so hard on us, emotionally, financially, and we see our friends, who seem to get pregnant so easily....  I know what you mean about thinking and hoping we'll be the lucky one in a million!!  But I think it's this faith and hope that gets us through.  I'm going to do my first IVF, and my chances of actually getting a live baby in my arms, as opposed to just getting a BFP are only about 20 - 25%, but I'm hoping to God I'm in there, as IVF is so expensive, and there's no funding where I live.  

I just want to say hang in there, and best of luck!!  Babies are so worth all the stress you may be going through, just remember that!!!  
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Thanks so much for your comments and support to hang in there. It is really hard to see those around you having babies without troubles. I'm glad I  have a really supportive fiance who has been my rock through these kinds of obstacles. He seems to stay positive that it will happen sooner or later but i think it's hard for a man to truly understand where i'm coming from in my frustrations and sometimes the only comfort a woman has is the comfort and wisdom from another woman going through similar troubles. I will try to stay positive, it doesn't do any good always running around like a little cloud of doom. I'm thankful for my lil fur babies for right now they help keep me occupied and need me still-lol! I'm gonna spend some quality time with my hunny by going to look at christmas lights tonight and get my mind off of things for a minute. Thanks again to both!
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You are absolutely right about men not understanding the depth of our ttc frustration... But I think it is good, because if my DH was stressing just as much as I do, it would be hard on our relationship. I know he wants a baby so much, but he also has this "it will happen sooner or later" attitude...
Hang in there, girl, everything will be fine!!!!
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I totally understand about the men in our lives not totally getting where we are coming from in the crazy world of TTC. I have struggled at times when I feel like DH is not on the same emotional plane as me. I am the emotional one and he's the logical one. Irrational meet rational. Doesn't always work. Don't get me wrong he's wonderful and supportive, but sometimes we are so opposite in how we respond to things. I realize that his ability to stay calm when I am being emotional is really a good thing, but in the moment sometimes I feel like he doesn't get it. Having the support of other women is totally helpful. I am so thankful for this website and all the women I have met. Take care girlie and ask for support as you need it!
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