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short periods

Hi, This may be normal but i just want to know. Normally I have a 28 day cycle and have a period for about 5 or 6 days. Last month i bled normally for 2 days then stopped then started again really light for another few days. And today it's happened again. I started bleeding monday and stopped last night. totally dry today.

Is this ok? I just want to know that there is nothing wrong as we have been TTC for nearly 9 months and nothing has happened.

If you know anything about this kind of thing or have any ideas can you let me know.

Thank you
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Your cycle could be off for many reasons. Stress has been known to mess with a womans cycle - causing it to come late or is shorter than usual. Another is excercise. Have you been excercising lately? Your best bet would be to see your doctor and they could have a better explanation for what is going on. Since you have been trying for 9 months are you on any types of medication? I am on Clomid and it shortens my cycle length and it makes me ovulate faster. I hope you find your answer. Sending some baby dust your way!
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thank you for replying. i'm not on any medication, i spoke to my doctor after 6 months but he said not to worry as it can take upto a year to conceive. I guess it could be stress - grandad has aggressive cancer :(

i guess i'll just have to wait and see if it happens again. Do people normally have stop start periods?

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I have never heard of woman having stop start periods but hopfully if they have they will reply to your post. I know times like these are very confusing and frustrating. I have gotten to the point where I cant even trust my body anymore as many times that it has failed/disappointed me.

I was curious, have you taken a HPT lately? I know the chances are slim but I have heard that some woman bleed lightly during their pregnancy..... just a thought. Sending some baby dust to you!
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I'm now going through something very similar to what you describe. My period "always" lasts for five days straight. This month, I had heavy bleeding for two days, no bleeding on the third day but then started bleeding lightly on the third night. And then nothing at all on the fourth day. And on the fifth day I had extremely light spotting off and on. I actually saw my doctor on day three because I had an ectopic a couple months ago and he initially thought it may be something left over from my surgery to cause this. But after I got to his office and explained it, he didn't even check me. I actually thought that maybe I was having a chemical pregnancy since it was pretty clotty the first two days which isn't really normal for me either. He just told me that the average woman has two "weird" cycles a year where their period is different than normal or their ovulation is different. So according to him, I'm just on one of those cycles. I'm not sure how much validity that holds, but whatever it is, I'm in the same boat! Good luck and ssbd!!!
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If the problem continues for many cycles, I would be more concerned. But if this is the first time that has happened, I wouldnt be too worried. After having start/stop periods for many years is when i started to realize that i had a hormone problem. But for now, i don't think I would worry if I were you. As someone else said, it might be early pregnancy bleeding.
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Thanks for your advice everyone

i took a HPT yesterday as i was so emotional all week DH thought maybe i was PG. I'm not but strangely enough i don't feel stressed about it.

Just try again next week...and see what happens. I think i'll go back to Dr if we are TTC for 12 months.

Thanks for your help.
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