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should i take this pill?

hi, so sorry to take up another post, but you ladies are the only one that i can talk to right now..

I had a negative blood test yesterday, though i am 8 days late. they said that because of my cancelled ivf, the meds messed up my cycle and they prescribed me these pill called medroxyprogesterone(Sp) to bring my af up, i am very reluctant to take this pills. I started having af cramps on June 2 then until now. I dont know why im not comfortable taking it. The fact that the nurse told me that there is no way i could get pregnant, i did not ovulate last month. So, the chance of me being pregnant is really slim. it just bother me that maybe on the next future i am not able to ovulate and there is really no chance for me to become a mom :( sigh!!

Is anybody here took pills so af would show up? if so, what are your stories, please share.. maybe this is a useless post, forgive me ladies...

Thank you so much for all your help..
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i know that there is a drug that you can take to start af and if you are pregnant it wont start and it wont hurt your baby its what they used to do back in the day  for pregnancy tests i think its called provera, but i could be wrong about the name
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Oh that makes me so sad to see you say 'never.' Never is not an option and don't let that seed plant.  It will happen, just not the way you hoped or thought it would.  

I haven't taken that specific pill, but I took a different progesterone pill, and the process behind it is to get your progesterone up so when you quit taking it your progesterone will drop, and that will kick start your AF.    

If you aren't comfortable taking it yet, because you feel there is still a chance you are pg, wait until you are sure.  

I'm so sorry.  I the past I had to decide to take methotrexate to get rid of suspected ectopic.  It was the hardest thing I had to do.  In the end the Dr was right. It was later proved that I did have an ectopic.  

Hang in there and take it when you are ready.    
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That's the generic name for Provera.  You should expect your period from 5-10 days after you finish the last one.  

I hope everything works out for you.  I'm sorry you're going through all this.  
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