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Ok I was reading and they say that shortness of breath can be an early sign of pregnancy. Also that lower back pain and sickness at night can be signs. I have asthma and it hasnt been bad until a few weeks ago. I have been coughing and having headaches for the past two weeks as well. Could I be pregnant? I have been trying to get pregnant for five months now. Im only 20 and just im hoping to get pregnant soon. Thanks
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Has it been 1 month since your last period? If you had sex since then and you don't get your period the following month then do a home pregnancy test. If it's negative then repeat after a week if you still don't get your period.
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I got it three days early and one of my coworkers said she had that when she was pregnant with her first. And that she didn't stop having hers until four months when she finally found out she was pregnant.
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