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sperm agglutination

volume 2 ml
count 35 mill
active motlity 40%
morphology normal 80 %

rbc 1-2 hpf
some agglutination is seen...
pls suggest me ways to increase sperm count ...ao that i could have pregnancy chance of my wife..
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Hello, sorry it has been a few days and you haven't been answered  So, your doctor should be able to offer suggestions.  Some of the ways are fairly simple and just take effort on your part. They include things like living a healthy lifestyle with proper eating, proper exercise, eating right and getting plenty of rest. Reducing stress can help.  Losing weight can help if you need to. Stop smoking, limit alcohol. You can look for underlying problems and treat it such as low testosterone or celiac disease or various other things. So a complete physical to determine why the count is low. Avoid heated things like hot tubs or saunas to keep temperature of the testicles at the lower end. Believe it or not, there are suggestions of wearing boxer shorts over other types of underwear for the same reason. Eat oysters. :>)  Take a multi vitamin for male fertility.

And you all should be having sex only every other day and not daily during her fertile period.  

good luck. It takes the average couple a year to conceive so don't fret if this doesn't happen over night.  good luck
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thanks for replying...it has been almost 2 years we have been trying
last year my sperm count was 62 million..
i was diagnised with chronic epididymitis 7 years ago...
it does not pain but little swelling and hardness has been there for the last few years
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