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spotting on the pill

Hello everyone! hope everyone is doing ok!   So i am on the birth control pill this month due to cysts. and i still have a week left of the pills and am spotting - heavier spotting.. not sure what this is about! i have never spotting while on the pill, unless it was continuous.. i'm a little crampy and bloated as well, scared i still have cysts.. back in the day when i was on the pill to prevent pregnancy i was so strict about taking the pill the exact same time everyday since i didn't want an unplanned pregnancy- ha, didnt' know what my future held obviously.. but this month i take them around the same time everday, give or take a couple of hours, could that be the cuase of the spotting? anyone else have this? i just hope its not my endo getting worse.. uggh! THANKS! SSBD To everyone!
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When I was on the pill i was off my an hour of two everyday the whole time and did ot have spotting.
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I was on the b/c pill when I had my cyst before ivf.  I was spotting most of the time and it did not affect my follie production when I started ivf stims or my next cycle.  I think it's normal.  
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