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starting injectables..sucess?

As some of you might now i an 33 and we have been trying for over 18 months..no luck..all tests came back great..egg and sperm oustanding..did 3 rounds oc clomid..no luck..we are moving to injectables with timed intercourse next month (I currently have cin 1 dysplasia that the obgyn wants to remove with a leep procedure but after I have a child) so we we are moving to injectables.  How painful? side effects? sucess? I am excited and nervous!!
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I am 31 and have been trying for almost 3 years:(  All of our tests are normal too.  I've even had a laproscopic surgery in April and that came out clean (little bit of endometriosis on ovaries). I am on my 4th round of injectables with I hate to say no success:(  My RE does not know why, he did say that he does not think IVF is the answer yet. Tonight is my 8th night giving myself gonal F.  I go in tomorrow for an ultrasound and I might do trigger tomorrow w/ IUI on Monday and Tuesday or trigger on Monday w/ IUI on Tuesday and Wednesday. I really do not have any side effects, maybe a little cranky or emotional after a few days but I've heard clomid is much worse. DH gives me the shot in the belly, it does not hurt.  Good luck to you and DH, my only advice is try not to stress out about it:)

Oh BTW- I too had dysplasia and had a leep in Oct of 2003 it did come back last year as mild so I decided to watch it.  I just had another pap at the end of April and it was normal!!!  This might be wierd but I truley believe that taking folic acid and being generally healthy reverses dysplasia!  Good luck and I will be happy to answer any questions!
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Injectables arent bad at all and much more successful than clomid.  I used Repronex..expect to freak out a bit for your first shot...but its not really that bad.  Make sure your RE is monitoring you with how many follicles you're making and estrogen levels.  My RE will NOT do injectables WITHOUT an IUI to go along with it.  Maybe that's an option??? Use the trigger shot too....my re said that on injectables sometimes your body wont ovulate on its own so the trigger shot ensures that you'll ovulate 36 hours later.
good luck!
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Injectables are much more than Clomit. I got pregnant on the very first cycle on using it and without IUI. I did the first month Clomit with IUI with no success.So on the second cycle we try it on are own and it worked. I think if everythink is ok on both sides you are gonna conceve as the rest of the people.Unfortunately i miscarrieaged and 7 weeks. But at least i found a way to get pregnant. And it was easy.I hope is gonna be this easy next time to.
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