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symptoms/ signs

Can anyone help me? I need so direction, the problem is I am 8dp iui and at this point I don't know if I'm coming or going.  taking progestrone 200mg,mild cramping since day 5/6,  lite back pain at day6/7, sore/ tender boobs as of today, not to mention the dizziness and lite headiness. I pasted out yesterday, are the symptoms from the medication are can it really be what I think it is?
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I can't help you there. I usually have symptomless pregnancies. UNTIL, this one at 8 weeks. So,, It seems to be normal pg symptoms, especially the sore boobies :)
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sore bb is a good sign..really good!!
The others though could be from the meds.
when are you testing???
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it's sounding promising.....good luck.....
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could be from the meds or the pregnancy.  I started progesterone this time around at 3 dpo and thought for sure if I wasn't pg that I was going to die when I did get pg since my symptoms were so bad.  I've gotten used to them some now, although I did get lucky and am pg!  Still really freaked out by the cramps though!  

So I guess I don't know what to tell you since I thought most of my symptoms were from the meds but I guess I don't know for sure since I am pg!  See.....don't know if I'm coming or going either!  Good luck to you!!
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Thanks for the information, I'm not testing until monday or so, DH wants me to wait and just have the blood test done to be sure but that wont be until the 18 which is a week away I know that I cant wait that long.  
so jennyb, congraulations, how far are you? the best of luck with the pg.
Kellym, congraulations to you also, 8 weeks you should be so proud!
Brown Eyed I really hope it i Promising  ....  

                THANKS AGAIN LADIES......
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5w1d...monitoring my hcg 2x a week until the 24th when I go for my first u/s......can't wait!!
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Progesterone never made my bbs sore.. so it sounds like very good sign to me.  On the cramping.. I don't really remember cramping but I have heard lots of other women say they did.  All good signs.  

I can hardly wait till you test.. I'm really expecting good news!!  DHs can be such fun haters. My DH always argued against early testing but then when the day would come, he would be like, "WELL did you test??? What are you waiting for??"  They aren't usually as disciplined as they try to act. :)

Good luck!!
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just a few day's away, keep the faith I can't believe all of the ttc's that changed look like overnight to pg's congralutions to all of the mommie-2-B's  good luck
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Hey TK!! I see that you are not testing until Monday!! That is like forever!!!! You symptoms sound very promising!!! I will continue to pray extra hard for you everyday!! God will hear, because God is good!!!
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I was wondering where you were,,  I was looking forward to your response because I knew that it would help me out with encouraging words of wisdom   thank you ,,!!!!!  
DH keep saying wait to test but today, he comes home with  baby t-shirt that read ( DADDY'S LITTLE ANGEL AND  LET'S PLAY BALL DAD)  What's that about?  he claims that they just jumped out at him
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That is too funny and way cool that he showed up with those baby shirts.. dh wanted this as much as me, but he just holds his excitement in more.. it is nice to see your dh letting it out!!

Plan for the best I always say!!  
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