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temperature details?

can anybody tell me the temperature details, while ovulating and on 30thday if pregnant and not pregnant,,,,,
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Hi Sri!

Your temperatures each cycle will basically have two different levels (bi-phasic): Lower temperatures before ovulation, and higher temperatures after ovulation. If you get pregnant, the temperatures continue to stay elevated until you give birth. Some get a third level of high temperatures after implantation, but not all.

If you're not pregnant, the temperatures usually go back down right before or the day your period starts...although some women do continue to have somewhat elevated temperatures during their period as well.

Hope that helps :-)
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Hi! You can also check out Fertility Friend.com, you can keep your chart and also they have samples of pregnancy charts, ovulatory charts, anovulatory charts and m/c charts. There is alot of information about it in this website...you can also check on some ovulation trackers that ladies here keep, like mine, for example.

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