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does anyone know what HYSTEROSALPINGOGRAPHY is????How does it work and is it risky?????I am being asked to undergo this test as i have had 2 m/cs this year.
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Isn't that where they go in with a scope and camera to check your uterus.

I'm getting one done in December after 3 m/c this year.  In few weeks I have to have a whole series of blood work done including karyotyping to check my chromosomes to make sure they are balanced and normal.

My husband got it done yesterday...If all the blood work comes back normal, then the last step is the HSG.  

You'll be fine and I don't know if there is any truth to it or not but my dr said that pregnancy after this procedure proves successful.

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This is a test where they shoot dye into the uterus to see if your fallopian tubes are blocked or if there is something wrong in the uterus.  They take an x-ray of the path the dye takes.  I have heard that it is a pretty painful procedure so you should def take a pain killer before you go.  Good luck!!!
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I too was asked to het my karyotyping done after 2 m/cs this year.My last M/c was at 22 week and my lil girl had trisomy 16,so it was imp for both of us to get it done.The results were normal.So,to find the reason as to y this keeps happening we have to keep getting all kinda test done.I am gng for my HSG on sat.I hope it goes well!
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good luck to you and let us know.  i'm anxious to get all my tests over with.  i think it's a waste of time but better to be safe than sorry.

my dh and i have a healthy strong 2 yr old girl so we don't know what is going wrong this time.  

the last time the fetus was tested and it was a normal fetus with no genetic abnormalities or chromosome problems.

guess it's just up to GOD.  and HE'll bless us again soon I pray
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I had this procedure done (HSG) a month ago and they found a polyp which has since been removed.  Apparently it was acting like a coil in my uterus.  Just for the record i took 2 pain killers an hour before i went in and felt absolutely nothing.  Good luck and keep us posted.
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