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to what extend i need to visit doctor if i am ovarian hyperstimulated?

I have my IVF  embryo transfer done on 19 April.  Tomorrow I am due for my blood test.
I have PCOS and currently on 3 tablet Metformin medication. I am very bloated (like a 5 month pregnant women) and I find myself hard to move around and breath when i go upstairs and walk.  Occasionally, my tummy have strong pain at night this few days and i am taking panadol to relief that.
I was told some women have mild OHSS, some women have moderate OHSS after embryo transfer. could you please tell me to what extend I  will need to visit hospital  to get the fluid pump out. I have difficulties to fall asleep due to breathing difficulties of the bloating
and how long will the bloating last for?
I will know if I am pregnant tomorrow and if i am pregnant when will the bloating gone?
thanks for your advise in advance.
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Congratulation on your transfer and I hope you get a positive tomorrow!
Unfortunately women with PCOS are at higher risk of developing OHSS and it does get worse if you got pregnant at the same cycle. However, as long as you are in you doctor's supervision you will be fine. I am so sorry that you are going through this. My sister has PCOS and did have severe OHSS and was hospitalized few years ago when she got pregnant with her twins. I know how hard it is but hopefully it will be worth it for you and you get to be a mom soon!
Are you on bed rest now? keep your feet elevated and drink plenty of gaterade!
Sorry if I can not be more help but thought to share what I know.
I also developed OHSS but it wasn't severe and I felt better after a week but I did not got pregnant!

Good luck tomorrow!
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Hi Rose,
thank you for your info and regards.
sorry to hear that your sister is in hospital. I hope she is better and will be out of there soon.
well...my elder sister is also pregnant 4 months and is twins too. she is in hong kong and she finally  got pregnant through 3 times IUI. she also have a lot of side effects due to heaps of hormone injections.  I guess is really like a roller coaster...
I am at my first IVF trial.. what about you?  keep it up..
I decide to go to see doctor tomorrow after blood test to find out if I need to pump my fluid out or other treatment.
thanks so much..

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I had my first ivf in march but it failed! it was very devastating! I am about to start my 2nd but and waiting for my AF.
My sister is doing great now. I am talking about 7 years ago! she has the cutest 6 years old twin girls now with IUI.
After less than a year she got pregnant naturally with another girl!
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Hi rose,
good luck to your second IVF trial...
... although i have pass the blood test today and was told that i am pregnant.  I know I am getting there but still a long way. That's life..
is like when we do sign up IVF we want to make sure we got eggs retrieved.
when we have eggs retrieved we are hoping they will be fertilised and become embryos
after we do the embryo transfer we want a positive blood test
after we do blood test we want a good ultra sound result.
after all. we want a happy and healthy baby, expanding our family.

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Congratulations!! that's wonderful news!
I know what you mean and understand your concerns but you should be very happy now and enjoy being pregnant! do not let worries and stress take the joy of this day.
You need to celebrate!!!
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Congrats!!! I had mild OHSS, very uncomfortable and bloated however it ended with a negative blood test so that ended the OHSS, since you are pregnant it could continue for a few weeks and possibly get worse. As Rose said I also sware by Gatorade!! I drank it as much as I could and it really helped also rest with your feet up as much as humanly possible!
I laughed at your "after we do the embryo transfer we want a positive blood test" thoughts because I was just thinking that! IVF is so crazy stressful but being pregnant is an entirely different ballgame of stress finally realizing your dreams of being a mom only to have NO CONTROL over anything at all even thought they are growing in your belly!! Congrats again!!
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Congrats on your positive blood test!  That's great news!  I had a successfull IVF cycle back in December and I wasn't diagnosed with OHSS, however, I had bad bloating for awhile....we are talking, by the end of the day I looked 5 months pregnant and my belly was as hard as a rock.  Being pregnany before naturally, this has been totally different.  I showed sooner (I think the bloating was what it was....) and I put on weight sooner (probably due to all that meds)  So, your OHSS symptoms are a good sign!

Keep drinking lots of water and gatorade works great too...just don't forget your water.  I started in on that right after retrieval because my levels were so high and he was concerned about OHSS at that point.  I think I kept it at bay pretty well by staying ahead of it.

Again, congratulations!  I was like you, I took it a step at a time...positive blood test...ok, so I'm pregnant, but lets wait on the ultrasound...then a successful ultrasound, so I will see you back in two weeks to make sure the baby is developing...it's crazy!  One day and one step at a time is how it has to be looked at.

Congrats again!
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