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tricked into carrying a baby after a tubal 13 years ago

OK i meet a women at a safe house for abused women she had a little girl and was the girl friend of a MD.She told me that she had her tubes tied but he wanted a little girl we ate dinner one night and i know i was drugged 1 weak later i started hurting then i started bleeding only when i peed i had just got of my period the night i was drugged .Then i started hurting real bad in my tubes my boyfriend woke me up because i had bleed big clots all over us i went to the er .I was afraid they would have me committed if i told them my story so i just told them i had started  bleeding when i peed and that i was hurting in my tubes.They done  a pregnancy test,catthed me and done a culture test and when the Dr woke me up he looked as confused as i am to say that i wasn't pregnant,my urine was fine to take a antibiotic and to call a uterus Dr and schedule an apt for an ultrasound .So what do you think happened to me
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OK, I re-read it, and I think I misunderstood the first time. So let me see if I got it right this time. You met someone with her tubes tied, who wanted a baby, then you were drugged and now you think this person might have tried to impregnate you with someone's sperm or that someone had sex with you? is that right?

I hope that never happened, because that would be absolutely horrible!!! But if you just ended your period the night you were drugged, chances are very slim that you could get pregnant, as ovulation generally doesn't happen until mid-cycle (usually about a week after your period ends). But even if they didn't know this...how did they plan on getting you to give up your child if you did get pregnant?
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What? I don't understand...are these her words? And does she think someone drugged her and did an embryo transfer (IVF) on her without her knowing? And then she got a negative pregnancy test? I'm confused...
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