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ttc, 12 days late, negative tests

We are trying to conceive. My period is now 12 days late but I'm getting negative pregnancy tests. My usual cycle is 33 days long, although a few months ago, I did have a 40 day cycle and the month before that was 29 days. I used an ovulation predictor stick and had an LH surge on cycle day 12. If I had had my normal period I would possibly be ovulating around now, so took an ovulation test out of interest and I had an LH surge the day before yesterday. Firstly, could I still be pregnant and not be showing enough hcg yet, or is there something wrong? Also, could I be ovulating now, even though I missed a period? I have seen my G.P. but he just said to come back in two weeks, if I still don't have my period. I just want an answer, it's really stressing me out, which is not helpful either way.
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Hi there!   If I didn't know better, I would've thought this was a post of mine, months back!!  I did the exact same thing.  I had 2 months back to back where I was late.  First month I thought "YAY, finally I think I'm pregnant". I was also getting alot of egg white cervical mucus and just out of curiousity I took ANOTHER opk (I got my first + around cd17 that month) and low and behold it was positive again!!  I did break down and test with a HPT and I wasn't pregnant. :(   I to have a 33 day cycle and I went to all the way to day 45.  Anyways, the only difference between you and I is that my mother has sever crohn's disease and she was in alot of pain, wound up having to have emergency surgery so I think that stress made me NOT ovulate which made my cycle longer.  

I think your body geared up for ovulation (+ opk) and never ovulated so it's trying to again (hence 2nd + opk).  If I were you I'd BD! :)    After waiting so long I finally went to the dr and they were going to give me something to start my period since I knew I wasn't pregnant.  I thought about taking the pills to make me start but then thought, "what if I have a crazy cycle??  OR two periods back to back".  So I didn't take them and wound up starting on my own.  How are your cycles?  Do you just have one every now and then that's long, but usually regular OR are they sporadic?  

I hope this helps some, or at least lets you know you're not alone. :)  If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask :).
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You may have ovulated late, which is completely normal from time to time. Yes you could be ovulating now, you haven't technically missed a period if you are as you simply wont have ovulated yet. I'm afraid it sounds like you've got to wait this one out :(
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Thanks for your replies. No change yet. Day 51 of my cycle, 17 days late and no period. Still feeling dizzy and nauseous and randomly limited last week due to the smell if the bin. I never vomit, so this was strange. My breasts aren't sore but have shooting pains every now and then. I've had the nausea and dizziness since before my missed period though, so attributed it to coming off my antidepressants (slowly over the last 6 months under the supervision of my doctor)
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Obviously limited in that last post meant vomited. I also forgot the extreme tiredness I've been having and of course still negative pregnancy tests! Trying not to get my hopes up but it's difficult. Very frustrated and impatient. If I'm not pregnant I at least want to get onto my next cycle so I can try again.
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