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ttc on provera & clomid

Im ttc and took my first round of provera. I have slight irregular cycles after stopping depo so my doctor recommended this. I took my last provera pill 8 days ago and I still haven't cycled. I'm waiting start the clomid days 5-9 and I'm getting anxious. So my question is how long does it usually take to start? And how many people got pregnant with the help of this method?
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I don't know the answer to your questions because I am in the same boat you are.  I do have a question for you.  Do you know if you always have to take Clomid on days 5-9 of your cycle? I assume day one would be the first day of your period is that correct?  Thanks
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Hey hun. I did Clomid and the ovideral shot (trigger shot) had to test the 22nd and was positive they did blood on the 23 and my levels where 202.. I go back tomorrow for my 2nd test. .. best wishes to you!
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Heather 4800- day one is the first day of your cycle. I know some people take clomid days 3-7 but my Dr told me day 5-9. I'm not sure the difference. Are you trying it also? I feel so alone with all of this...my family has never had any problems.

Congrats cheys13 thank you so much for your comment! How long did you take the medications?
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I just did one cycle.. im very excited ! Clomid for 5days and took the shot and had sex the next two days! Have you started yout Clomid yet?
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How exciting!!! Keep me posted! Well I woke up this morning and my period finally came...yay! So I can start the clomid on monday. I'm really excited and anxious! I am a little confused as to when to have sex on the clomid?
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Well to be honest whenever lol doesnt really matter... did.they tell you the options after Clomid
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Ok thank you! No we haven't discussed much else yet. What are the options?
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