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ttc using donor sperm

I know that we are all in the same boat ttc and wanting to be mommies.  But, I would like to know how many are in a similar circumstance as me that offers a whole other set of issues/dynamics.  Just wondering how many of you out there are ttc using ds and are in their 40's and single (sounds like a dating add l.o.l)?  I would like to share our stories.  Currently on cycle day 18, 4 days out from 2nd IUI and am TRYING to be patient during this 2ww!!  I have a wonderful group of friends and family that support my decision - even though none can take the place of sharing this experience with a sig. other.
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I just did IUI using donor sperm on Wednesday but I am not single.
I am in the middle of my 2 week wait, I am hoping it works for me, this is my first try
I took HMG shots and had 6 follicle at the time of the IUI, are you taking meds or just following yur regular cycle?  I wish you all the best
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Hi Sweetpea,

I;m taking Clomid.  I tood 50mg last month with an unsuccessful IUI, and then took 100 mg this month and had my 2nd IUI 11/13.  So, we're both on the dreaded 2ww!  I didn't have the HMG shot so I think I can start HPT as early as Thursday.  Although, I'm not sure I want to risk getting a false negative and then stressing the remaining 5 days to test again. I started having some cramping last night and woke up this morning with menstrual type cramps.  I'm hoping it's a sign of implantation.  6 follicles is good - I wish you the best also, keep me posted on your progress.
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I will keep you posted
the doctor told me I could go in at 12 days after the iui for blood work or I can just wait 2 weeks and if I do not get my period to just do a home pregnancy test
I am leaning towards the 12 days, I do not want to have to wait one more day then i have to
Please keep me posted on your progress
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Hi Sweetpea,
So we are just 24 hrs apart in IUI...I'll defintely keep you posted...today just obsessing over whether or not my breasts actually are feeling fuller or is it just the bra that I'm wearing playing with my head....count downs on!  Where did you order your ds from and how did you make a decision on who to choose?
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i ordered it from a place in Toronto called Can-am, I am in Canada where are you?

Hubby and I tried to pick someone who had the same ethnic background as him and the same physical features, we also looked at education level and medical history
How did you choose?
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Hi Sweetpea,  I am so dense I just noticed your response and questions from 2 weeks ago!    I am in Oregon.  I ordered my ds and have my IUI's  at OHSU (Oregon Health and Science University).  It's a teaching, research hospital.    I chose my donor based on his overall profile.  He appeared to come from a good family, had a similar ethnic background as mine, same religion, I liked his answers to essay questions and he has agreed to be an information release donor when my child is 18.  So, for these reasons I chose him.  OHSU offers lengthy profile pages and donors complete a temperment/personality questionnaire that the University evaluates and posts the results.   I liked the depth of information they give on their donors.  Plus they are geographically convienent for me!  How are you doing?
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