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unexplained infertility

it has been 19 months of TTC, we have had every test possible and everything always comes back perfect. I dont understand why we are not getting pregnant, its so frustrating, and everyone around me is having babies and getting pregnant, some are on their 2nd babies and here we are just still empty handed and no idea what to do next.
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I completely understand.  We TTC for over 36 months before we finally got referred to do an IUI with Femara.  Initially they told us that there were no issues that they could see (based on a couple blood tests, a sperm analysis, and normal annual exams for me).  I finally demanded to be referred to a specialist (RE) and we DID have issues (both of us) preventing us from getting PG.  I am not saying either of you have issues, I am just saying that the light at the end of the tunnel is not out for you.  Have you seen a specialist?  If so, I would think that even though they haven't found any "issues," they would still recommend moving on to a "less natural" form of conception at this point.  If you haven't seen a specialist, please insist on doing so.  I'm not sure your background so I don't know if you've tried IUI or IVF or any of that, I'm just suggesting them based on your question.

There are times during the TTC struggle that I would be very angry and jealous of others having babies, sometimes I'd cry and feel sorry for myself, and sometimes I would withdraw from people.  Right before we conceived with IUI and Femara, I feel like there was a weight lifted off my shoulders.  That this was finally the right time.  I know it's hard to relate because you haven't probably felt that yet but just be vigilant and get a second or third opinion if necessary.  Not all doctors know everything and you need one that is hopeful, yet realistic, to get you the results you want so badly.  I just want you to know that I know how much it hurts and how confusing it is not knowing why it's not happening.  Take care and please let me know if you have any questions or just want to vent or whatever.  We're all here for you!
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Wow! Thank you soooo much.  No we have not been to a specialist however my OBGYN did say that we can try IUI anytime we want. I was going to give clomid 3 more rounds to work on its own but im not sure if we should wait, i think we should just start the IUI process and see if that helps.
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Well I am a success story for you - bare with the long story!  My dh and I have a 5 yr old that we didnt even try for.  When she was 2 1/2  we decided to try for # two.  After one year of just trying on our own i decided to go see my OB who did a bunch of tests and came back to tell me I have PCOS and dh sperm analysis was fantastic (which i didnt know)  he gave me a prescription for 9 rounds of clomid at 100mg.  So i charted temps did got a cbfm and i took meds for 8 rounds which brought me to Nov.  I decided to take a break with no meds and my ob had referred me to an RE so Jan 29 2011 i saw the RE and she said well your thyroid level is in normal rangebut on the high end so she put me on Synthroid to keep my hormone in check.  She also put me on Metformin 3 X a day because it helps women with pcos.  So Feb 1 i started taking the meds and Feb 22 was my day 1 of "peak reading" adn my one and only time we had intercourse that month (due to dh being on night shift at work) well I amd now 20wks pregnant from that one night!!  2 /12 years of trying!!!!!!!  So keep your head up and it will happen!  SSBD to you :)
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oh i also forgot to say i took my hpt test at 15 dpo (was a Friday), it was the following Thursday i was supposed to go back to see the RE for my folllow up appt to get my plan of action to start the iui process!!!  Talk about timing.  Saved me alot of money :)
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After reading your responses I called my doctor yesterday and he said we should kick it up a notch and we are doing IUI with 100mg Clomid on my next cycle. I am 15 dpo today so maybe the stars will align and ill get a BFP this cycle and avoid the next step but I doubt it, I already have the monthly tummy bubbles and the new pimple on my chin showed this morning. I am excited to try IUI, I have little to no Fertile CM when taking Clomid so maybe we just need a little help getting the soldiers to home base!!!
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Good luck sweety and I will pray you don't even have to do the IUI!  If you do though, it's nothing to fear...just a small crampy feeling during the insertion process...and it won't matter anyway when you get those wonderful results!  I know it worked the first time for me but I have a couple friends that did it 3 times before the stars aligned and they got their BFP so just try to be patient and I swear by the ovulation drug Femara (not Clomid, it didn't work for me) so keep that in mind too!  We're all rooting for you!
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Hello honey! Sometimes this is really hard to have hope. And when you feel like you have some this is really hard to save it for a long time. I was diagnosed with PCOS. Treatment didn't work for us. Now I'm thinking about IVF with using donor eggs. This opportunity just popped out in my life and I'm kind of lost and scared. I understand that this is my chance to have a baby. This is my chance to have everything I've been dreaming about. But everything I can think about is "what if it also doesn't work for us?" When I think about the whole process we will have to face... I don't know… I feel like I'm not ready maybe. I can't explain what is happening inside me. I have so many questions and not so many answers. Maybe if I know more about the procedure it will be easier for me to accept it. I want to stop being so negative and so depressed all the time. I was a completely different person 8 years ago. My long and exhausting ttc turned me into a person I don't want to be. I hope IVF will work for both of us! I wish you the best of luck!
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Sounds similar to my situation! With ex partner ttc for 13 months with no result. He even didn't want to see a dr, so soon we broke up. Now I'm 40 yo, have absolutely supportive dh. Have just sarted ivf treatment overseas. My amh is 10,8. Apart from being old and fat!! there's no explanation..Good luck to all with the cycles!
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