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very low sperm count

Had the results of my partners speerm test today. Its 7 million and with a high level of abnormal sperm. I have two children from a previous relationship and my partner has none. can anyone suggest things that might help increase this level?

we currently take zinc, vit c, folic acid.
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Could also try omega fish oil tablets, maca tablets too. also could quit smoking alchohol ot atleast reduce the intake. no hot tubs, no hot showers, no tight underpants, take lots of fresh fruits for antoxidants to take care of those bad sperm cells.

good luck.
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Thank you. We are a T-total family.  Will try some more tablets. We're resting soon. Just not sure on the time to leave between though.
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How long did he abstain for the recommened time is 2-5days i only say because my DH when he had his first sperm count he abstained for 6days thinking it would be better he got a count of 12million but a large amount had double heads, the 2nd test he abstained for 2 days quit smoking (this test was 6months later) his count had gone upto 18million :) so basically if its over the 5 or under the 2 it shouldnt be counted you will need to repeat the test in around 6months to get a accurate result (thats what we were advised by the doc) also if hes overweight things like that can affect a mans sperm count, But even if he does have a low count he has 7 million right? it only takes one :-) there are lots of fertility treatment avaliable to men too. Take care & best of luck SSBD
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Weve been told re test in december, and weve both decided to loose weight and take a good mulitivitamin.
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