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very stressed about the result


I am getting confused and stressed. I had my 5day  ET on 31st of May. doctor told me to take HPT on the 11th of Jun but I couldnt wait any longer and I took it today ( 7dpt ). it showed me negative result. Is it still possible I could still be pregnant? I am loosing my mind here.
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hi widasz,
what treatment did you have.  what drugs?
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7 days is early for a HPT.  Sometimes it doesn't show until day 14. The wait is impossible. I'll send baby dust your way!!!!!!
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I had IVF. First I started with nasal spray : Synarel- twice a day, then injections once a day : Gonal-f 900 IU/1.5ml. After egg collection I stared Cyclogest 400 mg twice a day.
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Thank you so much.
I know, waiting time is the worst. this one week feels like a month.
this is my 1st cycle of IVF. I was pregnant twice but both time I had ectopic as one of my tubes is blocked . we have been trying to get pregnant again for 3 years now and doctor told us that IVF is the best choice for us.  Hopefully in few days my HPT will show positive. That would be the best gift ever.

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i am having my first ivf and done a hpt one week after et and got a postive but some people have told me that it mite be the hcg shot giving a false result.

good luck with your hpt hope you get a postive x
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hi guys
thanks for your last replys they were very helpful. i  had my ET on sat 28th of may. i did a hpt on sat 4th and it is postive but not sure if it the meds or not. so i done another test mon 6th and it was postive again. i do feel slightly different very emotinal and my breast feel sore. when i go to bed at night i start to feel very drain and sick.

what do you guys think.
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hopefully your test is correct and you are pregnant.
Sending you lots of baby dust xoxoxoxoxoxo. Keep me posted.
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thank you  i will keep posting xxxx

hope yours goes ok
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