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very very faint lines

so I took an pregnany test last night 2 as matter of fact and they both came up ned but when I dlooked at them today both was very very faint line one was a line u can see very well but then I took another one this morning and it also have a very very faint line on it but these are dollar tests I went out to get more test around 12 or so and I took it and it was neg so Im trying again in the moring so im just confused at the moment
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I hope you get your positive :) But I just wanted to share that looking at them after a certain time can give you a false positive bc the ink will start to run and make both lines appear :( its happen to me before
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I'm testing in the morning and praying for my bfp if will test next day until I get that af
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I had the same problem sandy just a few days ago! Now I am post blastocyte transfer so not sure if that makes any difference or not, however I will say that after much research, it seems as if the ones you checked the morning MAY be evaporation lines which can many times appear as looking like a positive. I took one two days ago bd it came back darker, but still faint and just decided this morning to take a different brand (dollar tree brand). It was so light, it was almost invisible. Though pregnancy tests all test for the same thing (HSG) levels, some brands are more sensitive than others. HSG from
What I've read begins secreting after implantation, however each
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Wasn't finished, sorry!! :)

Day it should get a little darker. I have tried forcing myself to wait a few days, however feel too excited... So I am going to recommend that since it seems it's the best choice, however if you are like me and just keep taking them, (Expensive hobby I tell you! :)) then try a more sensitive test, not digital as they pick up lower HSG levels, and see what happens.

Good luck to you and baby dust your way!
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thank you I took another this moring and it said neg but these are different ones but im having  alot of af cramping  and not been nasty I keep nfeeling wet again in my viginal and I stuck my finger and this pinkish creamy mucus came out I think my period is coming
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same thing happened to me, the next day it always looks like theres another line. just use the tests as directed and read them within the 3-5minutes it says and thats usually the right result.
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Thank yall ladies
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