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well i give up

i can't go through this any more we have tryed on our own for 7 years then 1 and a half years we have seen a docter and had 5 iui's done ,i got af this morning and i can't take the heartach every month when i get negitives,i think i may give it up for a while and maybe i will be able to enjoy my summer ,i might even go tanning this summer,i hav'nt been able to do that since i started seeing the docter.
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Its been almost four years for me and I started looking at adoption sites today. I know what you are going thru. Just sit back and enjoy your summer.
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we too were ttc for the past 3 1/2 years and after 5 m/c have decided enough is enough. thankfully we do have 2 ds who are 14 & 4. hang in there ladies. it did take us over 3 years to have youngest ds. i am counting my blessings and moving on with life. best of luck to you and may you be blessed with the desires of your hearts!!
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i know this sounds crazy, but i have heard soooo many stories like yours and as soon as they "stopped "trying, the got pregnant. i mean as soon as they stopped trying, they got pregnant. God will hopefully bless you with a baby, sometimes you just need to relax and let God do all the work for you. i have had two friends just like you trying for years and have done everything, but they both got pregnant when they quit. one story i watched on t.v was a couple have been trying for about 6 years or so and then they decided to quit trying and instead, they bought a teddy bear and made a wish on it and kept it saying that if they ever have a baby, this will be a present to the baby. and the WEEKEND that they got the bear and made love without thinking of trying to conceive, they got pregnant. i hope that it will happen to you too. have hope and pray. but most of all, relax . good luck to you and the stickiest baby dust to you!
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I haven't been trying as long as al of you but I too dont know how much longer I can do this.  I wish you all the best  :O)
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Hi Ladies,

I was just driving today and wondering how much more I can take of this
Month after Month. Im trying to be strong and have faith in god to bless me.
It seems like its taken over me ( Im so depressed now. ) I have no children and Im 39 and feeling like time is running out....     :(
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