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what is a trigger shot?

Hi ladies, I was reading the posts below and saw that some of you are getting these shots. I just wondered what they were and why my RE isn't givin me any!?!??!?!

I am on 50mg clomid, this is my second round. I have never been tested for anything since bein on it. I go in Monday for something, I don't even know what it is, I think they are gonna check for overstimulation or something. I will be 13dpo.

Any info would be great and best wishes to you all. I read Tina's post and was just sick. I HATE that for her. I am prayin for all of us!

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The trigger shot is a shot of HCG that mimicks LH in the body.  LH is the hormone that makes your body ovulate, thus, the trigger shot makes your body ovulate. So, I am also on 50 mg of Clomid, and I am getting an ultrasound on CD 15 to see if my follicles growing big enough, and if they are I will get the trigger to make me ovulate.Getting the trigger basically provides you and your doctor more control over the timing of everything.
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I take Clomid from CD3-5 and then I go in around CD12-13 to have the RE check the ovaries to see if they are mature enough and if so, he gives me an HCG trigger shot, which will induce ovulation 36 hours later.  We time the bd to the o'ing and hope for the best ;) lol
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hey girl...thas weird that they dont check you in between ur af...who gived you clomid your ob or your RE? i get the trigger shots too..everytime i go on cd14 u/s i got a mature follicle..and ovulate the next 24 hrs..than i go back on cd21 for progesterone check..which this week i went and it was 12. so thas pretty good they want to see anything more than 10..that means i ovulated..im still hoping for a BFP..but if now i will wait till i get af..and take clomid 150mg this month..and go on cd15 for u/s and trigger shot..and cd16 for IUI..im moving on i dont want to waste more time...but how are u feeling? i tested this morning and still BFN...sucks! whats ur plan for next month if still BFN?
Good luck and please keep me posted!!
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Are you using an ovulation kit and monitoring your ovulation?  Are you just using chlomid? or doing IUI as well?

If no IUI, all you need to do is monitor your ovulation and make sure you do the deed around that time.

If you're doing IUI, your RE needs to monitor you and you need to check your ovulation.  You do not want the trigger unless you absolutely need it.  Most of the time you ovulate naturally.

RE also should be checking for cyst before having start on chlomid for that month.  Have they checked for blocked tubes, sperm count, etc?

good luck
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