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when can i get my period back?

over the past 6 months, i have lost 15-20 lbs. my period has stopped and im scared that i have anorexia. im really trying to eat more and gain weight but i havent been very successful. any tips on how i can be healthier? and when do you think my period will come back?
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I would say your weight loss has caused your period to stop. If you don't have enough body fat you will stop menstrating.   I think you should consult your doctor.  Good luck to you.
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You say your weight but not height, that is important also.  I am having a relapse of AN and have not had a period for about a year.  I can only say if you don;t get your period and  have no other health resons IE...thyroid, pituitary ect.  see your doctor and have your FSH tested to check your hormone levels.  
Best of luck
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if u must kno i weighed 100 before and i now weigh 85. im not trying to get pregnant. just healthy. is this enough info or do u need more?
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How much weight are we talking about here? if you are tying to get pregnant you have to maintain a bmi around 22 and body fat around 20% its crucial for TTC!!!  I mean im losing weight but these #'s are my goal!! if you are around these numbers you might try an herbal supplement as simple as vitex and it will help you get AF bk!! if you are not you must try to get your #'s up a lil bit!! GL!! but tell us a lil bit more if you can plz!!
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