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why cant i get pregnant

im 19 years old and i have been trying to become pregnant and everytime me and my boyfriend try i seem to have a period, what should i do
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I would see if your timing it right. How long have you been trying? There could be alot of reasons why your not able to get pregnant. If you haven't been trying for too long. I would just keep trying for a little longer and maybe do some OPKs. Good luck :)
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Yes, at least have sex every other day and see what happens.

Good luck!
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i would talk to your doctor timing is everything try to figure out when your ovulating
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She's 19........why are you telling her to have sex.  

You should not be trying to get pregnant at your age!  Find something else to do with your time.
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If she is over 18 she is considered "allowed" to have sex and have a child if she chooses.  We don't know her circumstance or whether or not she can support the child but I don't think it's fair to judge her and assume that she is incapable of being a good mother because of her age or her marital status.  Although of course I DO agree that it would be best for her to wait but she obviously made up her mind and it's not for us to judge her. She came on here for support with getting pregnant and that's where we come in.  Please don't take this wrong but I really don't think it's fair to judge her from a couple of sentences she wrote asking for fertility support on a forum.  

Now if she was a 16 year old coming on here asking for advice then I would not agree with her but she is of age and has just as much right as anyone else to get help with her fertility problems.    

Take care!

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I was the same way. Try taking multi-vitamins to bulid up your iron and check in with your doctor to do an exam to make sure everything is ok on the inside.

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