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will losing weight help

Hey ladies,  my husband and i have tried ivf three times.  we've only made it to retrevial once, due to poor response.  I'm 26 and was diagnosed with pcos.  my peroid have always been regular.  I am over weight (242 lbs) and started metformin in october.  since starting metformin i've lost a little over 20 lbs.  do you think if i lost more weight i would respond better to the meds.  I know some hormones are stored in fat expecially belly fat.  Just wondering what you ladies think.
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I've also heard that losing weight can help with PCOS & with getting pregnant.  My RE suggested that I lose weight to help with my PCOS.  I've lost about 65lbs & I feel like it has helped, but we are still not pg because of male factor issues.  We will be starting our 1st IVF cycle sometime shortyly.  My only suggestion is to try & lose it a healthy way!  I do weight watchers, which helped me drop the weight & keep it off & I eat so much healthier now than what I use to.  Good luck to you!!!
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Hi.  I can't say for sure that losing the weight will make you respond better to the meds, but losing weight with PCOS is a good thing since most doctors believe that fertility will be increased with weight loss.  I lost weight and got pregnant after taking metformin sporadically (side effects were awful). I wasn't even trying to get pregnant then. Unfortunately, that pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage.  We waited a few months after the miscarriage and tried again with Clomid and Metformin and I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant.  Good luck to you with both weight loss and TTC.
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