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worry or to soon

hello all   finshed ny first round of clomid and its cd 16 and still no o  is that normal?? my doc said i should i should have ovulated between days 5 -10 from my last pill today is day 9 oh im going crazy!!!!!!!!! cant take to many rounds of this i want a baby so if clomi dosnt work b4 christmas i will c about ivf  
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Hey I'm in the same boat... except I am on CD 18... and still no O.  This is my first cycle of clomid 50 mg days 5-9.  So, I still have a day or so when it's 10 days after my last pill...

What happens if I don't O.... should I increase my dosage? I'm so worried!
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Oh girls, don't worry! :) I took clomid, usually on days 3-7, and wouldn't ovulate until CD 20 sometimes! It's completely normal, and ya know, clomid actually will delay your ovulation a little bit! Not everyone reacts to clomid the same way, just because some girls ovulate 5-10 days after their last pill doesn't mean you will. Your body still needs time to make egg(s) after your last pill, so just hang in there! You will ovulate, and the only way you won't ovulate is if you don't make an egg on it. In that case, your doctor will just increase your dosage next cycle. Are you both being monitered by u/s? I wish you both the best of luck! Just hang in there and it will happen, I promise! :)
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