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Undescended testicle

My son is 9 mos old.  His left testicle is and has always been non-palpable. His right testicle was descended at birth, but has started to ascend for the past couple of months; it however, is still palpable, being felt when milking it down toward the scrotum.  We will be consulting with a pediatric urologist.  It may be a while before he gets us in, as he is the only one in the state.  I understand that sometimes testicles for one reason or another, don't descend, but am concerned as to why the right testicle is traveling back up.  
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He may have what is called a "retractile testis" on the right side.  Here, while the testis made it to the scrotum, the gubernaculum (the "anchor" that keeps the testis in the scrotal sac) may be stretched or otherwise ineffective.  The main risk is that this could become what is called an "ascending testis" where the testis essentially acts like an undescended testis--it stays up in the canal.  Having one undescended testicle (the left) may have incresed his risk of having an abnormality of descent on the other (right) side.  

Your pediatric urologist can help with this (and it is ok to wait until the appointment).  The repair (if needed) will be the same as that for the Left side.  Perhaps he will give you a two-for-one coupon!  
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