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I have been dealing with strange symptoms since Thanksgiving. I was treated for EBV virus but I was not tested for it. I do feel better but I have had a lot of pain in my neck and lower back.  

The strange thing is that I have the achy pain but when you press on the muscles they do not hurt.  Is this fibromyalgia?
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Still having aching pain in the base of my neck and moves to the sides up to center of skull .  Feeling chilled, sensation in legs and arms with a feeling of weekness.  point in the middle of my chest (like a pulse point) burns like indigestion and now the feeling has moved lower and you can actually feel it a pulse point.  Doesn't do it all the time. Feels like my chest is pounding. My ears still ring, chilled, and reading brings on the symptoms such has ache in my neck, pulse point starts beats and I get his sensation in my head

is this vascular? lyme disease

Also my checks are so red like I am flushed.  My checks were like this in the hospital but then it went away until now - that was over a month ago.

What is this?  
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Got the results of my bone scan and blood tests.  All are normal.

My GP put me back on the meds for the EBV virus because they did make me feel good until after Christmas.  MY UTI is back and it is horrible so I am back on antibotics again too.

Will this ever end?
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After reading many of these posts I am wondering if I have fibro - I have not had any illnesses or problems before 11/19/10.  Now I am in constant pain and the doctors have no answers.

I do have an appointment with Cleveland Clinic next and am holding on to the hope they can get help me get to the bottem of my issues.

I am trying to take the pain meds prescribed to me but I don't like the side effects.  
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