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Amitryptiline ?

  Has anyone been prescribed amitryptiline for help witth sleeping ?  New doc ( PA ) is having me tryit,beginning with just 10mg bf bedtime and increasing by 10 each night until i find the level ( not more than 7 ) where it helps with sleep but does not leave me feeling doped the next day.  It takes very little of a sedative type med to affect me.
  She says this is a new approach or new way of using it to help with sleep when the Fibro pain keeps you awake.
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I'm also on Amitriptyline at bedtime to try and help me sleep. It does knock you out. I try to get to bed shortly after a take it or I'm in a zombie state for a few hours the next morning.. I started at 10mg I am now at 25mg. I am also on Lyrica so at times I'mnot sure which med is making me groggy. Each person is different when it comes to meds..
Good luck..Lisa                                                                                                                                                
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My physician also prescribed Elavil (amitrip) to me. I am on 25 mg at bedtime.  I've been on it for one month.  I just had a checkup and told him I was so tired the next day and he said take it at 7-8 if I go to bed at 10 or so.  It has helped only 2 nights trying it that way. I do like it, it does knock me out for sleeping and I am sleeping so well!  

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I AM ON 200MGS FOR PAIN SWOME TIMES IT HELPS ME SLEEP some times not a sleep at 2am Im on loads of other tabs too.
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I have been on it for almost 3 months now. The doc started me at 25mg just before bed. I am now up to 75mg & I still can't fall alseep. It usually helps me stay asleep but doesn't help me fall asleep. I can go to bed at 10 pm lay there for up to 3 hours before I fall alseep & then I sleep for 10-12 hours. If I don't get 10-12 hours a night I am dead for the whole next day. How come I have to sleep so much?
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Yes, I was for sleep but it helped a lot with my depression.  I was on so many meds for depression I thought it no longer worked so my doc took me off of it.  Well, now nothing works for my depression and I cannot get him to put me back on it....I've gone straight down hill after a year of being off of it.  My pain is not as bad anymore but my depression has increased.  I think I would rather have the pain than the depression that has kept me in the bed for the past 3 months.  Even the pain of FM never did that to me.  I always took mine as soon as I got home, I know not everyone can do that because of children but I was able to go to sleep and sleep through the night without waking up with that hang over feeling that they do give you.  I now take Temazepam for sleep.  They might work for me once a month and I take them every night.  Good luck with your FM.
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I have been on imipramine HCL for 6 years.  It is about the same.  It has really worked for me.  I started with 25 Mg and then worked up to 75.  My doctor said I could take 100 if needed.  You need to take it at least an hour before bedtime.  It didn't make my groggy the next day.  I sometimes only took 50 and slept really well.

I recently had to stop taking because of another medical problem and had to go to another doctor because the one I was seeing moved his office several miles away.  So far the only other thing that they have found is too much stress.  I'm having test and if nothing major shows up, I hope to go back on this.    
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I have taken amitryptiline before, and I have to say I will never take it again.  With amitryptiline, you have to be IN BED, and trying to fall asleep.  I tend to lean towards Ambien or temazepam, as they both have less of a "morning after effect".  With amitryptiline, at least for me, it was exceedingly difficult to "snap out of it" the next day.  I also have had friends with my similar symptoms that have complained of chronic headaches after having been on amitryptiline for a few weeks.  Lastly, I had chronic dry mouth while I was taking amitryptiline.  Very hard med, at least for myself, to work with.

Cheers!  - Raun
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I wasn't aware that this was given to help with pain or sleep. I was given it a few times as an anti-deppressant. I do not like it, after about 3 months I become agitated and grumpy. I also found the "relaxing" effect only lasted the first couple of weeks everytime I took it.

I have found Ambien to work best for sleep. Have tried Rozeram too, but it stopped working after the first month. Ambien on the other hand seems to work well just about everytime. It does not have side effects the next day. I have found that sometimes it only keeps me asleep 4 hours though and I wake feeling so refreshed and alive. The CR form may work better.

Good luck and hope you get some good sleep from whatever you try,
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